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    Welcome Back Everyone

    This, except the kidding part.
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    anyone who posted dirty images of themself should have seen this coming. my reaction exactly. awesome first post btw. welcome to FAF.
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    Rules of The Furry Fandom

    i get insulting the rulebreakers until they leave the fandom, but i don't see how humilating will work. i mean, if they broken any of the rules (im thinking about, diaperfurs, and exclaiming your sex life) didn't they already humilate themselves? aren't they immune to it by now, since they do it...
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    Here's a brain teaser... Is God omnipotent?

    God is so omipotent, that he doesn't bother.
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    Does your Fursona affect you physically?

    I was going to make a joke about puberty, and becoming "furry"... but then, meh...
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    FOOD at it's Finest... about your TASTE

    In Hungary most people (excessively) season their food with salt or paprika. They like their coffee with sugar or honey, but putting milk in your tea is unheard of. Before breakfast (im not sure if other european countries do this) but a typical hungarian would begin the day with a shot of...
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    Furry TV Channel?

    MXC, but in fursuits, or Wipeout, in fursuits. If we had that, it'll boost the ratings... more so than animal documentaries, and "Gary the Rat"...in my opinion.
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    10 reasons why I hate fullmoon.

    Life as a werewolf must suck...for gundam fans, that is.
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    Favorite coffeeshops

    Tim Hortons. and yes im canadian.
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    Where do we stand?

    Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -1.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.82 that was fun.
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    "This video is CAKE" with lyrics.

    This video induces headaches... and by the way, u missed a (few) word(s) in the very last line.
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    Wolf chat

    *sniffs butt* wait a minute... your not a wolf...get off this thread! :[
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    Did you know

    i died a little inside
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    What a sexy game... This is what I've been wasting my time with over these past months. I thought maybe I'd post this and see if there are any chess addicted furries out there...like me.
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    Does anyone look at Human x Furry porn? i mean, mostly everyone is either one or the other... what about humans AND furries in one shot? ...its not for me...
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    just wait until hurricane season...
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    "Real" Furries

    "Over-heating while yiffing? Problem solved! So, get rid of those bluky, hot, fursuits and cover your body with make-up instead!" XD
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    I got caught. my crappy computer froze while i had an "image" open... heh...heh...heh...saved me the trouble of having to tell me parents that i'm gay. XD I switch back and forth between humans and furries...depends on the weather, i guess.