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    Anybody able to draw a super-new fur?

    Hey there sorry I've been away, thank you so much! I ❤️It so much ^^
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    Anybody able to draw a super-new fur?

    hi I am very very new to the fandom, only found out what a furry is in 2016 and I'm in love!! I can't draw to save my life so I was wondering if there were any nice furs out there willing to help me bring my Fursona to life please? Here is Trojan, he is a GSD X Labrador X mastiff, he is meant...
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    Fully Finished Pieces {CLOSED}

    Wow thank you so much! I'm literally grinning like the Cheshire Cat now Time doesn't bother me at all, so you take all the time you need :) You can pm me here if that's okay as I get an email notification or i can pm you my email address if you would rather?
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    Fully Finished Pieces {CLOSED}

    Hi I'm pretty new to the fandom and I'd like to enter this amazing chance please :) I ❤️❤️ Your style! Trojan: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19417899/ but his right ear is floppy and he is more muscly www.furaffinity.net: [Free YCH] Trojan by Dolar I would love any slot, as I don't have much...
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    The birthing grounds, custom character creation! free/trade

    Hi! I'd really like to get a new character as a friend to my one and only sona :) Really sweet art you have there! 3wishes: muscular, sly, player Gender: Male Species: African wild dog Thanks for the chance, I'll be sure to spread the word ^^
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    Requests/trades open!

    Hi there I'm pretty new here but I've just sorted out my first Fursona Trojan: www.furaffinity.net: Trojan reference - My Fursona by TrojanDog I'm not very good at drawing so I hope it's okay if I make a request? Your art is very cute ^^ I love it ❤️ I don't have any art of him yet but I...