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  1. ClassicFAIL

    Got an idea, but no idea where to start. Help?

    So, I was sitting at home one day thinking of what to do. I decided to go onto tumblr and check out the #wolf section. About 20-30 minutes I find songs with wolf howls added into them and I though," Hey! I have garage band, why not try to make music?" So, thats what I want to do, but I really...
  2. ClassicFAIL

    Pack Mentality

    Hi! I'm Az Tanner and I am Therian Red Wolf. I understand that therians are seen as strange, outlandish, extreme, and to a degree unwelcome within the fandom but, I would like to share my hopes with you in hopes that I can enlighten others and find others who might share similar views or...
  3. ClassicFAIL

    Creating A Social Network.

    This is not a species shout out, I don't think. Hi! I am the Alpha Female in my pack. I am a Therian Wolf. Az Tanner is the name! My pack and I run a social networking site to try to find others like us who need a place to call a home and a pack to call family. <br>We are looking for others...
  4. ClassicFAIL

    Help with Yarn Tails

    I'm making a few yarn tails for all the members of my pack. One, the alpha males, is looking great, he wanted a curly wolf tail since his hair is curly. So I have just been not straightening the tuffs and it looks decent. Progress: ALPHA Gunnar's tail Question: Now. My question is How do...
  5. ClassicFAIL

    Prescription Contact lenses

    Do they have any like this: http://i50.tinypic.com/2cyo2fn.jpg or http://i49.tinypic.com/10dxocm.png Also, my eyes are both different :/ This is my first time buying colored ones. Anyone know any good places?
  6. ClassicFAIL


    I'm very very new to this fandom. Um. I'm a photographer. I specialize in still life and nature photography. Lately I've had a very hard time in life. I don't really know if I consider myself a furry. I don't have a fursonia. I don't really know what I am. So I don't believe I really have a...