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  1. MAGIKzMushroom

    A Question About: Otherkin

    I think i might be borderline thereon, when I was young I used to sometimes think I was actually sonic the hedgehog. And then more recently I've felt myself have a tail and muzzle a few times. Also the fact I sometimes growl and when I practised howling it felt kinda natural to me I guess...
  2. MAGIKzMushroom

    Well I'm his master now!

    Well I'm his master now!
  3. MAGIKzMushroom

    lonely and needs support please

    *hugs you tightly stroking your back* Thanks everyone! After speaking more to a lot of people on here, I am now in a furry group chat (about 40 people), so I've found some new friends and I'm feeling a lot better now! I'll still message you all when I get a chance though, because I really...
  4. MAGIKzMushroom

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    I guess you could say that ;p
  5. MAGIKzMushroom

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    Wow... I actually woke up next to somebody younger than me! And Awww, what a cutie!
  6. MAGIKzMushroom

    You are taking the person above you for a date

    So yeah... Thanks for saying that after the first post I've put in here! XD you know... That means I haven't had a single date yet ;3
  7. MAGIKzMushroom

    1x1 yiff rp

    I'm a switch male, preference for Dom. I can add you on Kik but I prefer Skype if possible? My username is MAGIKzMushroom on both. Nice to meet you anyway!
  8. MAGIKzMushroom

    Feel free to message me, I won't bite! Rawr! :3

    Feel free to message me, I won't bite! Rawr! :3
  9. MAGIKzMushroom

    I am new, had a question

    I originally found the fandom through porn about 5 or 6 Years ago, but last year started appreciating the other side of the fandom! My point being, you may find yourself becoming more interested in it, and for the record, I'm not really an artist myself, I mean, a write stories but that's about it!
  10. MAGIKzMushroom

    You are taking the person above you for a date

    With a deal like that... Only seems fair I take you on a date too! Forgot McDonald's, I'm taking you to a proper fancy restaurant, the bill is mine! You just provide the company!
  11. MAGIKzMushroom

    Would you date an android?

    Personally I would use an android as a temporary solution if I couldn't handle being single and nobody else was interested in me. Which I know sounds bad, but I'm sure android's could just be turned off or changed so they aren't upset with the breakup.
  12. MAGIKzMushroom

    Another newb-based question: Drama?

    1. Drunk posting is not a good idea! :3 2. I completely disagree, I have enough drama in my life as is, I would rather avoid as much as humanly possible.
  13. MAGIKzMushroom

    What kind of (romantic) kisses do you like best?

    I can't actually say myself, as I haven't had any sort of first kiss yet... Hopefully that will change soon, but hey, I suppose I shouldn't rush
  14. MAGIKzMushroom

    What's your biggest fail?

    What's with all the spilling gallon's of milk?!
  15. MAGIKzMushroom

    lonely and needs support please

    Oh, and if you want to add me on Skype, my username is MAGIKzMushroom! I just find it easier to message on there!
  16. MAGIKzMushroom

    lonely and needs support please

    Yep, awesome! I've thought about going to Londonfur since its only a couple hours away, but my dad wouldn't let me (even though I'm 18)
  17. MAGIKzMushroom

    lonely and needs support please

    1. I changed my privacy settings now so all members can message me, so feel free to do that! 2. Awww thanks for all the replies already, you are really helping! <3 3. I'll stay fairly active on the forums, I used to be but I didn't make too many friends...
  18. MAGIKzMushroom

    lonely and needs support please

    So the first thing I would like to say, is thank you for reading this post, it truly means a lot to me. It shows you already care about someone you haven't met yet, and well, I care about you too! Anyway, I'm 18, male, bisexual. Recently I was in a group relationship, but it didn't work out and...
  19. MAGIKzMushroom

    Let's be friends??

    I'm actually feeling quite lonely at the moment... So this is perfect! Everyone can message me, and if I get a chance I'll message you myself! Thanks!
  20. MAGIKzMushroom

    New Open Species: Serwolf

    I agree that I think wolf/sergal hybrids have been made, but I don't recall any of them being called Serwolf/serwolves.