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  1. ArtVulpine

    Fursuit Portrayal - Yourself or Someone Else?

    With my two fursuits I got there comes the fact of having to act with them. Now, I have a pretty good idea of how VEX acts, but what about my fursona, Art? When suiting, do act as yourself or make up a persona? Let me know how you decided to act while in suit!
  2. ArtVulpine

    Going to Furrydelphia?

    Hello all! My first con I'm attending this year is Furrydelphia August 16-18. Who else is going?
  3. ArtVulpine

    Critique My Art

    Hello all. I admit I was a little hesitant at this because the last time I got a critique in 2014 it was basically, "Lol! Your art sucks!" I'm not kidding. Yes, there were some good critiques, but lots were destructive. So here we go: Userpage of ArtVulpine -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Take a...
  4. ArtVulpine

    Who's Your Favorite Female Character I Created?

    Hello all, I need your help. Yes, you. I have created three female characters, but I need help deciding which one I should draw more of. So first we have Lysa Lynx, a nerdy lynx character Next is Felicity Bunny. Lastly, we have Gina Rose, a Gypsy Vanner character. Click on the links and...
  5. ArtVulpine

    Partial Fursuit Quote

    Hello all, I am in the early process of looking for fursuit quotes for my fursona Spellbound the unicorn. It would be a Partial Suit consisting of a head, hands, tail, and maybe hooved feet (I'd like to have a quote of how much it would be with the hooves or not.) First, here is Spellboud...
  6. ArtVulpine

    The Cure for Sporadic Creativity

    Hello all! Does anyone have or had this issue: Your creativity only appears in random spurts rather than consistent, and when you try to draw or write on those days where you're not having one of those creative spurts you can't create anything at all? That's what I've been fighting with...
  7. ArtVulpine

    Does Fanart Stifle Creativity?

    Hello all! I recently learned that one of my favorite animation groups that makes very good quality MLP animations has decided that are stopping production on their current video and will no longer be doing any fanart related animations (MLP or otherwise). The reason for this is that they...
  8. ArtVulpine

    Is Furry Art a Niche Art Style?

    Simple question that came to mind while drawing some furry art: Do you think furry art overall is a niche art style (IE only appreciated by fellow furries), or do you think that is appreciated by a larger audience? Post your thoughts on this blow! :)
  9. ArtVulpine

    Who's going to Furpocalypse?

    Hello all! Well it's that time again for me to make my annual pilgrimage to Cromwell, CT and Furpocalypse! So, anyone going to this con?
  10. ArtVulpine

    Creative Burnout

    Hello all! For the past few months, I've had a massive creative burnout! Normally I get several ideas for drawings at a time, but now I'm lucky if I have one idea per week! I even tried a different genre with drawing some Anime characters, but even that was short-lived. So, have you as...