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  1. ForgetLilliet

    Free traditional badge

    I would be so grateful if you could draw my character, Braelynn! Your art is so beautiful! I'm not picky about the pose, since it's hard to figure out any pose that looks good with six arms, but the reference sheet I linked to might give you some ideas. Whatever you draw her doing, I want her...
  2. ForgetLilliet

    random acts of kindness

    I love being kind to others because I know that if I was having a bad day, I'd want those around me to try to make me feel better. At the beginning of the school year, I was assigned a project for my health class called the "Be Nice Project." Basically, the project involved going out of your...
  3. ForgetLilliet

    Help me develop my character! [ask.fm page]

    This is my character, Braelynn. http://i62.tinypic.com/2cfyt7b.png Lately I've become interested in developing her personality more. In order to do this, I would like some help from the community here at FA. I've opened up an ask.fm page for my character. The goal of the page is to answer...
  4. ForgetLilliet

    Is it worth it?

    I think jtrekkie wanted to know in what sort of succession the punches would be delivered in -- would there be recovery time in between?
  5. ForgetLilliet

    Seeking Art Trades (SFW only)

    I would be interested in trading with you! I'm not picky about which type of trade we do, but the more complicated it is, the longer it will take me. My character is Braelynn. If you're interested, please send me a note on the main site.
  6. ForgetLilliet

    I'm new here, but -snort- that's cool with you guys right? Hi!

    Hey! Welcome to the forums. You'll like Maugryph. Maugryph is the cool uncle of the forums.
  7. ForgetLilliet

    Anyone out there working with prismacolor colored pencils?

    I use Prismacolor but I'm not great with mixing colors... Maybe try the color charts on the Prismacolor site?
  8. ForgetLilliet

    Multiple fursonas? A few questions.

    I originally came up with a character named Lert. I drew her on a free template that I downloaded from online because at the time I wasn't very confident in my drawing abilities. I only "drew" her once and I never really developed a personality for her. Nearly a year later, I came up with a new...
  9. ForgetLilliet

    Looking to connect and collaborate with other new artists

    I would be interested in this, but I am rather loaded up on trades and requests at the moment. :confused:
  10. ForgetLilliet

    Free art!

    Here is my character, Braelynn. I'd love it if you could draw her!
  11. ForgetLilliet

    The fears and phobias thread

    I would say: -clowns -falling -being alone at night -public speaking Most of these are only minor fears; I don't currently know of any phobias that I have. I happen to love spiders, though, which is interesting to me because so many people are afraid of them!
  12. ForgetLilliet

    Anybody want a free "Baby fur" drawing done?

    Wow, that's really cute and I would love if you gave Braelynn a try! Sorry I don't have a great reference...
  13. ForgetLilliet

    The End Is Nigh..Maybe?

    When the world *does* end, there's really not much we can do to stop it.
  14. ForgetLilliet

    Let's let this thread make a character. And draw it.

    freckles that spell out words in Braille.
  15. ForgetLilliet

    What Song Would you want to have played at you funeral?

    "Helena" by My Chemical Romance, or "What a Catch, Donnie" by Fall Out Boy. *everyone in the room whispers "eww emo music" *
  16. ForgetLilliet

    Art trades and sketch requests

    Maybe you'd be interested in my character, Braelynn? I want to trade with you but I currently have a few other trades and requests I would need to handle first. However, if we are able to do a trade, I would want a SFW piece -- I'm not into NSFW or fetishes. It doesn't matter what you draw her...
  17. ForgetLilliet

    Compute Scientist wanted for new image file extension.

    Lovely! I think the .yiff file format will be quite popular! Or... popufur.
  18. ForgetLilliet

    Uh, Bonjour!

    Hi! It's nice to meet you! Welcome to Fur Affinity! I'm terrible at greetings but maybe the exclamation points are making this more exciting!
  19. ForgetLilliet

    That... Went Better Than Expected

    Finally got around to scanning it for all to see. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15649673/