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  1. Horrordragon-XX66

    Free Art: Wanna Beach and /or Nightclub themed Pin-Up of your OC SFW/ NSFW

    I haven't drawn pin-ups in while, plus most of the pin-up that I've done are either dragons, ponies, humans, and aliens (mainly Twileks). So if your interested, just link me a ref/ picture of your OC. And specify you want it, Beach themed or Nightclub themed, what clothing they should wear. And...
  2. Horrordragon-XX66

    (Commission) Selling: Anyone wants a Pin-up of their OC's

    Hey everyone, I'm a traditional artist looking for some work. I only take payment through Paypal. So here are my prices: No Background-$3.00 Examples: Halloween 20 Witch- Twilight Sparkle XXXmas 20 Peppermint Babes- Darth Talon ⭕.Simple Background-$4.00 Examples: Halloween 21 Witch-...
  3. Horrordragon-XX66

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) SFW &NSFW Commissions & YCH (Paypal ONLY)

    Hey everyone, I'm a Traditional Artist and I'm opening up for Commissions and have two YCH Types Open. I have SFW Commissions ---> https://www.deviantart.com/horrordragon339/journal/SFW-Commissions-870727676 or I'll send you a link to a Google Forum in a note. Commission Prices can range...