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  1. PhyloSallas


    Awww, that's too bad, lol. :'3 I think you'll enjoy BNA though! The character designs are really great. :3
  2. PhyloSallas

    Being single

    Ooof...this is my exact situation. :( I'm sorry, I know how gut wrenching it feels to know people care about you but can't be near you...my best friend is Russian, most of my others are German, and the few in the US with me are mostly on the opposite coast. :'3 But hey, this right here is how...
  3. PhyloSallas

    Greetings! New artist here!

    No problem! ^_^ credit where it's due, my man. :3
  4. PhyloSallas


    Oh, welcome!! ^_^ nice to meet you, I'm Phylo. :3 I see anime talk...have you perchance seen Cells at Work? That's my favorite. :) Also since you liked Beaststars...what did you think of BNA?
  5. PhyloSallas


    Welcome welcome! You have some great talent on there. ^_^ kinks are fine with me, lol~
  6. PhyloSallas

    Greetings! New artist here!

    Welcome! ^_^ your stuff is pretty decent, actually. :3 I'd say keep doing what you're doing, you're on the right track. :) ...I'm terrible at critique, I'm sorry...XD
  7. PhyloSallas

    Question from a non-fursuiter: What got you into it?

    Honestly I feel ya. I'd classify myself as furry lite too, as I enjoy anthros immensely and primarily draw them, but the suiting always seemed...too much for me. I hear that commonly it's about stepping outside yourself and being someone else awhile, but I guess I just never really felt the need...
  8. PhyloSallas


    Hiii! :3 welcome to the forums. Hope you make a ton of new friends! ^_^
  9. PhyloSallas

    Any Florida furs?

    I live in NE Florida. :3 I was actually gonna ask if anyone else was around here, lol. I was hoping to meet some local anthro artists. :'3 Edit: wow, only 8 in Jax. XD two are very near me, tho.
  10. PhyloSallas

    Being single

    XDDDD yeah, lol. And I agree, in that case. :'3
  11. PhyloSallas

    Being single

    I believe the implication is sometimes there isn't chocolate. XD that, or catfishing, lol
  12. PhyloSallas

    Hi! Sorry I have no pfp!

    Welcome!! Have some hugs. ^_^ hopefully your motivation comes back full force soon! :3 writing can be really difficult, I should know. XD
  13. PhyloSallas

    Fun to be "weird"

    Lol yee, you're not alone there. :3 on the defense mechanism front either. XD
  14. PhyloSallas

    Being single

    Lol I'd agree if there were that many options available to me. XD But it's difficult to find peeps who aren't taken. :'3
  15. PhyloSallas

    Being single

    Yeah, that's how it is for me, at least. :3 I can't feel anything at all for a person without being close through other means, pretty much friendship. :3 basically, my closest friends I've felt attraction to at one point or another, whether they felt it too or not.:'3 and my desire from that...
  16. PhyloSallas

    Hello all!

    Haha, I feel your pain. :'3 it's hard to socialize... And hehehe thank you!! ^_^ I saw you followed me on FA, I really appreciate that...<3
  17. PhyloSallas


    Thanks! ^_^ I hope we can both make some new friends. :3
  18. PhyloSallas

    Being single

    Ah...Yeah, seems our experiences are very similar as well. And yes, passive aggressive behaviour was very common. I forgot to mention that, lol. Oh, that's good you've managed to be okay with your own path. :3 I'm mostly there too, because I'm not really interested in having a family either. I...
  19. PhyloSallas

    Hello all!

    Awwww, don't worry, most of my friends speak other languages. You're doing just fine! ^_^ And I actually really like your art!! It's very sexy. :3 you do much better than you think you do. :3 as a fan of the female body in cartoons as well, I can tell you you're really good. Oh no...:( you...
  20. PhyloSallas

    New not new artist

    Thanks you guys! ^_^ I appreciate the welcome. :3