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  1. ohtar

    Animated Goomba Icons

    I am looking to collect 100 or more FA members and draw their characters as Goombas for a poster. I would be offering prints of the poster on my Deviantart account, but for now I am collecting them via animated icon commissions, One can join the Goomba Troop Army for 4 dollars each. It's...
  2. ohtar

    Bug/Site Problem: Empty comment page

    My alerts tell me I have favs, comments, and notes, and I know that they are there but when I go to the message center it says I have no messages at all. Refreshing hasnt helped. I mostly just guess where the comments are, checking my recent journals or submissions to read the comments since it...
  3. ohtar

    Image/Thumbnail Problems: Animated thumbnails seems quirky

    I have over 100 animated icons in my scraps folder now and as I keep adding more, I am starting to realize something odd. I upload each icon in the same way but while some of them have animated thumbnails in gallery view, others will not. Is there a reason behind this? half the time, the fact...