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  1. Wax

    Your Favorite Album of All Time?

    We all have one, and if you say you don't, I don't believe you. You can have more than one favourite. It's the one album where you can get down to every song on it, and say with confidence that there isn't a song on it you don't like. It could be your favourite because you can jam to all the...
  2. Wax

    Starting From Scratch - Wax's Art Thread

    Looking at the title you can't even consider this art. I'm gonna put it out there. I can't draw for shit. I have some art buddies around, and whenever I'm asked to draw something in a lesson, it's as though I have bricks for hands and tried to write out the quadratic formula 10 times with a tiny...
  3. Wax


    Hi, I'm Wax. I was gonna call myself Waxballs but I thought that was too forward. I like anthropormorphic animal art, I'd consider myself a 'furry' and you all seem like intellectual folk, and I've been lerking around for a few days now. I guess I forgot my fireworks and champagne today. Either...