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  1. Unknownusa

    Request: Feeling a bit weird to ask for free art...

    Hello my dearest furs, Lately I have realised that I need to at least try to get some art of my sona, even if I have no ref... >_> So, to get to the basics: My sona is a raccoon (color pattern as in my pfp, but with red eyes instead). He has a scar (burnt spot) and a rune (shown image) on the...
  2. Unknownusa

    Well, um, Hello

    So I've been around here for about a week, some people may already know me. But I just wanted to officially say that I'm here and I'm happy I've been welcomed with open arms!!! That's kind of everything I wanted to say, feel free to PM me. Cya around!!
  3. Unknownusa

    I need some help in getting things in order

    So, I was in a state of denial for quite some time now (I mean TECHNICALLY you can't call someone a furry just because he has a FA account and likes furry art, right? That's totally average *nervous laughter*) but now i am kind of interested in making a fursona. Problem is, I couldn't define...