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  1. Zerzehn

    People who like Indian food

    I've had some this year and I do like it. I've had butter chicken, rogan josh and vindaloo. My favorite Indian curry is rogan josh, especially if the lamb is tender.
  2. Zerzehn

    Guess I'm back.

    I'm Zerzehn, TTRPG guy who does his own campaigns on Fridays. I'm also an unrepentant Jojo fan and Joseph is best JoJo. I like food from the Mediterranean and I eat nails for breakfast.
  3. Zerzehn

    Hiring: Would like to hire someone who would draw an extra big guy (will do 70 to 80 USD)

    So I've had this crazy idea of making my character have an alternative monster form and I would like to hire someone to draw him, would be cool. I am willing to do 70 to 80 USD for a pic and if interested in your art, I will PM you and share my Discord details. Just how big? How does 364 cm...
  4. Zerzehn

    Forum Trouble uploading profile pictures

    I am having some problems uploading new profile pictures and I keep trying but I can't seem to get it. What are the possible problems I am having? Is it just me or has anyone experienced it?
  5. Zerzehn

    Anyone live in Alaska?

    If so, I'm planning a trip up there in a few months' time and well, I like the cold. I plan to land in Anchorage and well, I've always wanted to see stuff like the Northern Lights and such with the natural beauty up there. Alaska is a very curious place and I would like to visit, try the weird...
  6. Zerzehn

    Scooters and Motorcycles: The Movie: The Game: The Thread

    For those who like going zoomies on two wheels (or three) rather than four. I own a 2004 Yamaha Zuma myself.
  7. Zerzehn

    Hiring: Looking for bara art (25 to 30 USD)

    So my birthday is coming up tomorrow. My boyfriend is wanting to buy me some art and if any artists want to take me up on this, I will have my boyfriend contact you via Discord. I'd like to have a full body of my character, which we will also discuss in Discord. PM me for my Discord details.
  8. Zerzehn

    Philosofur's Den - A Discord Server

    Hello everyone! Philosofur's Den is a Discord server for those who want intellectually stimulating conversation. We offer something for everyone who desires membership to our fair server from debate, art (both SFW and not) to general camaraderie and pleasant conversation with one another. We...
  9. Zerzehn

    Opossum appreciation

    Let's appreciate these renegade marsupials of the Americas. These little humorous, endearing creatures that a lot of us share a continent with.
  10. Zerzehn

    Demisexual thread (plus Aces)

    Anyone around here that's demisexual or a part of the ace community?
  11. Zerzehn

    Pufferfish Appreciation Thread

    Appreciate pufferfish here.
  12. Zerzehn

    A story based on PMD without the "P"

    Without using actual Pokemon, of course. I don't want Nintendo suing me for what little I have. So, I am thinking of a story where the premise of every single Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. Main character becomes a creature with superpowers for whatever reason. Albiet, this is a much crueler...
  13. Zerzehn

    Is this an odd kink to possess?

    So, I have this kink of dudes realizing that they have gained weight. I enjoy larger bodies, regardless if they're chubby or muscular (or even both) but this specifically is well, kinda my thing. Is it strange?
  14. Zerzehn

    The guild of prehistoric reptiles

    So, inspired by other topics, I am wondering if anyone here has characters of dinosaurs and other assorted reptiles that existed in prehistory. As I possess a mosasaurus character, I count. So where are my prehistoric reptilian brethren?
  15. Zerzehn

    Request: Can anyone do a mosasaur?

    I'd like the head shot of a mosasaur. I don't have a reference but I want a blue and white mosasaur with purple eyes. Would be a challenge to do but would be grateful.
  16. Zerzehn

    Overweight Fursonas?

    So, for people who have overweight characters. I do need to ask, how come? I'm going to change mine to be overweight himself, since I like chubby men. To speak like him: "I love buterbrod with cheese and doctor's sausage, borscht, syrniki and blini."
  17. Zerzehn

    You've got a bat in your house

    Hi and I'm a bat. I like HEMA, popcorn and metal music. I am a spectral bat, aka a greater false vampire bat. How y'all doing?