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  1. lyar


    I am barefoot most of the time actually.
  2. lyar

    AMA: Ask Me Anything!

  3. lyar

    AMA: Ask Me Anything!

    What do you prefer screaming or screeching?
  4. lyar

    Numbers until this thread post explodes!

    160 flailing man-babies
  5. lyar

    Give the User Above you a Superpower!

    You have super vocal chords that let you accurately mimic any sound or sounds with your mouth. You could be a walking radio.
  6. lyar


    I want a pair overalls so I can stomp on people
  7. lyar

    Hi ,please I need feedback of my new furry action comic :)

    Pretty good, worth a print copy for sure.
  8. lyar

    Need My Last OC Request.

    Isn't it a little inconsiderate for you not to pay the first person who draws your OCs and then pay a bunch of other people to use that free-art to make art you'll pay for? Seems a little fucked up to me.
  9. lyar

    Game: Two-word Story Time!

    The hatred
  10. lyar

    Game: Two-word Story Time!

    In english
  11. lyar

    Do you doodle?

    I've often questioned myself as to why I don't normally doodle dispite the fact that I like the idea of doodling. Maybe its because I daydream when I'm bored.
  12. lyar

    Character/Art Theft in Roleplay communities

    Have I ever spoken to an artist? Yes, as well as the fact that I am one. But things aren't so black and white. If pieces are so personal they should not be uploaded, if artists are so afraid that people will "steal" or "take" it. If you properly sign your work no one can "take" digital art. Art...
  13. lyar

    Character/Art Theft in Roleplay communities

    The problem is that you're talking in extremes, the world does not work well with extremes. It is a truth that you and any other person on the internet has to come to terms with the fact that if you post something on the internet you're putting it up for anyone to access. However, there is a...
  14. lyar

    Your speedpaint preferences?

    whatever you do, good luck. The key is being relatable the simplest way of doing so is being yourself.
  15. lyar

    Game: Change one letter of a 4-letter word

    Care (I don't)
  16. lyar

    Rate Your Furry Fandomness

    1 definitely maybe if I knew more furries personally I'd be involved