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  1. DreamSoul9999

    Returning After Several Years

    Hello, I've been a member of FurAffinity for a decent amount of time, but I left and was a bit anxious to return, as I'm a bit of a closet furry. I decided today to come back, and so it's nice to re-meet you guys. I hope you all have a good rest of your day :)
  2. DreamSoul9999

    Which Bird Species?

    So I haven't gotten around making a fursona yet, because I'm mostly stuck on the specific bird species I wanted to go with. I was originally going to go with a corvid of some kind but now I kinda want to go with something else. I remember doing the personality test in a post somewhere else on...
  3. DreamSoul9999

    A Year in the Fandom

    I can't believe I've been a part of this community for over a year now. It is true that most of it has been spent offline, but still it's been very wonderful playing forum games and taking part in discussions with all of you in the time that I have spent here on the forums. I think the biggest...
  4. DreamSoul9999

    Hello Again!

    I haven't been online in a very long time, so I just wanted to say hello again to everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!
  5. DreamSoul9999

    Any birds here?

    Yo, I just wanted to meet some other people who have made bird fursonas like me that frequent the forums. Anything avian is fine. I just wanna say hi haha
  6. DreamSoul9999

    Chain Reaction

    Since I've participated in so many forum games, I thought i'd create one of my own!! Basically how this works is that I will post 2 words, and you have to take the last word that I post and make a new set of two words with it. It's just like that one game show of the same name from 2006 if...
  7. DreamSoul9999

    Hello, Everyone!!

    Hi, all!! My name is DreamSoul9999. I have spent YEARS reluctant and nervous to join FurAffinity, but I have finally made the decision to create an account. It's a pleasure to meet y'all, and I can't wait to make some friends here! :)