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  1. Thatch

    How would you upgrade YOUR body?

    I was reading up on animals, both living an extict, and the various weird/cool physical traits they developed, or are physically capable of developing (if evolution took them that way). One thing in particular cought my attention - while bony plates/scales usually aren't associated with mammals...
  2. Thatch

    Food Battle

    The problem is: Scrambled eggs vs. Kebab. For the first one I wouldn't have to go anywhere, but I'd have to make it and it tastes like... Well, scrambled eggs. Nothing fancy. The second is infinitely tastier, but I'd have to actually go out and get it, plus it costs somewhat more. Halp...
  3. Thatch

    Hurr Hurr

    I never made an introduction thread with the old layout, so I'm making one because we basically have a new forum :V
  4. Thatch

    Warning tag.

    I honestly think that WARNING: Actual forums experience may differ should be added to the Introductions board's description. What's going on in there makes me sad and produces lots of newb posters with failed expectations. Those are good ideas too.
  5. Thatch

    What's your favorite poison?

    I don't really care, but please, no more of these threads. Otherwise gulp it down. :V EDIT: You know what? Whatever, list your favorite booze here too, since people are getting it that way anyway :V
  6. Thatch

    If I'm right...

    ...then this is some delicious irony. The horse.... It's a mare. (possibly nsfw)
  7. Thatch

    I liek mandarines.

    Title irrelevant. I'll just have this running every time I turn on the comp now, just to see how much of a waste of flesh I am. These forums should have a counter like that.
  8. Thatch


    I read this. And I became intrigued. Can silk briefs be considered panties? Is wearing them just being a faggot, or is it crosdressing already? DISCUSS.
  9. Thatch

    Parody? What parody?

    This comic is supposed to mock the wiki link train, but in all seriousness, that seems like a damn good game for a slow afternoon. Plus the hilarity factor at especially ridiculous chains. ITT: Post parodies that are even better when treated seriously.
  10. Thatch


    Corto you bastard, you have deprived me of my god given right to set this one tiny but hellishly important bit of information straight. :V Be quiet woman, your american ways are foolish. The whole school system before higher education is elementary, so the first school is the primary one...
  11. Thatch

    If size doesn't matter...

    ...then why do those people mostly prefer horses to dogs? http://www.google.com/trends?q=horse+porn%2C+dog+porn&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0 I mean come on, dogs are man's best friends, that's just not right. Though ironically, cowboys do prefer dogs. I guess there is such a thing as too...
  12. Thatch

    Noooo, the japaniese are NOt weird XD

    http://www.akademifantasia.org/?p=1295 And if I'm not mistaken, there's a temple with a 14 meter fallus there somewhere. I don't have really more to add XD
  13. Thatch

    A tough question...

    I'm trying to figure it out. Can a vegetarian eat pussy? Discuss please.
  14. Thatch

    Portal is for lesbians

    http://www.heroine-sheik.com/2007/10/17/portal-is-for-lesbians/ The very idea is so incredibely amusing. It's just one of those thing that the world uses to say "HELL NO!" when one thinks "I have seen everything". I really don't know where to even begin a rant, but most people probably know...
  15. Thatch

    Standart 14 February Thread

    Because it's Valentines Day for almost half an hour here, there has to be a thread. A card is most likely apropriate. http://nnk.art.pl/au666/serduszkoC.jpg And since I am the kind of person to be true to that card, it's not suprising I don't gave a girlfriend MUAHAHAHA XD
  16. Thatch

    Paper vs. Water

    So do you prefer to wipe your butt quickly, or make the effort to wash it? Toilet paper or a bidet? Discuss
  17. Thatch

    Why was Azure B&?

    Seriosuly, why? I won't sleep tonight if someone won't tell me.
  18. Thatch

    I'm theoretically sick

    But a cold is a sickness only to the hypohondrical whimps. You're not sick until you cant't move from bed on your own. Toughen up, wusses :P
  19. Thatch

    Kitten vs Puppy

    VS What would you rather eat, The Kitten or The Puppy? I say - EAT KITTENS, GET RID OF THOSE PESTS! EVEN BUSH DOES IT
  20. Thatch

    Car City Carpet

    Who else had one of those miracles of toy engeneering? :D