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  1. Umbra.Exe

    JIIIJIIIIIIII! I am so late, gosh. Haven't been on the forums in a while. ^^;

    JIIIJIIIIIIII! I am so late, gosh. Haven't been on the forums in a while. ^^;
  2. Umbra.Exe

    Face Rig - Virtual avatar webchat thingy

    It looks like it could be fun to play around with. I wouldn't mind making my own characters and talking as them! But if it weren't able to be customized somewhat easily, I think the novelty would fade quickly, at least for me. >>;
  3. Umbra.Exe

    GJ FAF!

    Sadly I didn't catch the high mark. :c But I was here to witness this... Event.
  4. Umbra.Exe

    So..Characters who are actual breeds.

    Don't forget corgis and pit bulls! I've seen a couple of Shiba Inu, I think some kind of spaniel, and a Saluki as well. I've also seen a Doberman Pinscher around.
  5. Umbra.Exe

    long whiskers?

    Maybe try broom bristles? I would think those are stiff enough, and I've heard of them being used before on heads (clean bristles I presume). I don't have much else to suggest other than what's already here in the thread...
  6. Umbra.Exe

    Sona and Color

    Actually... This is me... But with purple. >>; I just like the color, so purple she is. Not much more to it than that, but I think black and white go well with it, so that's what I chose. I'm still worried her yellow eyes clash a bit though, and about the particular shade of pink for her...
  7. Umbra.Exe

    Dog Training Tools

    I have not, but I'd like to try it. I'd need to read into it first though, make sure I'm doing it right. As for most harmful looking, I'd say the pinch collar, with all the prongs. But as you said, it applies even pressure. Still looks a bit menacing though. ^^; Safest looks go to the harness...
  8. Umbra.Exe

    Non Animals

    Isn't there a Scarab as well?
  9. Umbra.Exe

    Dog Training Tools

    I wanted to get a head collar (Halti/Gentle Leader) for my dog (Chocolate Lab) who was pulling, but after becoming familiarized with our park route, she walks fine now. If not that, I think I would have got the front-clip harness, had known about it before. But for now, we simply use a plain...
  10. Umbra.Exe

    Non Animals

    *Sees Solid Snake* And my night is made :V ...Pretty much EVERYONE in that series has an animal codename. Ocelot, Wolf, Mantis, Octopus, Weasel, Raven, Duck, and so on and so on... Lots of planes are named for animals. Tomcat, Eagle, Blackbird, etc. Gosh darnit, I remember listing off a ton...
  11. Umbra.Exe


    There's Dan'l Baboon from Kimba the White Lion. I haven't watched it in forever but he's kind of the advisor-type as well, if I remember correctly... I have no idea why they all sort of follow the same trope though, that is odd.
  12. Umbra.Exe

    Closest And Weirdest

    ...How are these even remotely related to mammals..? I would have said monotremes. Platypi, echidnas. ...But maybe I misunderstood.
  13. Umbra.Exe

    What do you think of owls?

    I like owls, they're interesting birds. My Biology teacher had a young Great horned owl brought into class once. He hocked up an owl pellet in front of the class. :I Still, owls are cool. I like the owl trend that's been going on, too. Cute owls on shirts and decorations and such. I've got an...
  14. Umbra.Exe

    "I am an idiot" moment

    One moment happened to me once when introducing myself to someone. After they had said their name, it took me a good 5 seconds to remember mine...
  15. Umbra.Exe

    Thanks, Ji-Ji! I can't see the gift for some reason though, and some of the other things in your...

    Thanks, Ji-Ji! I can't see the gift for some reason though, and some of the other things in your gallery for some reason. I'm not sure why. >>; And yes, I had a great birthday, but I wasn't home for much of the day. ^^;
  16. Umbra.Exe

    What's the most attractive kind of Anthro?

    Should have just put "Aquatic animals" then. :V ..But then that might count otters and such.. Hm. No way to win! I guess I find most mammals appealing. Then it would be reptiles. Birds and fish are better non-anthropomorphized though, in my opinion. Oh, but griffins are nice.
  17. Umbra.Exe

    What's the most attractive kind of Anthro?

    http://th04.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2012/332/7/d/argyle_by_star_carol-d5mg25n.jpg http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/334/7/0/ask_horatio_doodle_dump_by_star_carol-d5mmb78.jpg http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/006/e/4/e46a4816c100f827cb3a0f3d3af6e66d-d5qnm7a.gif He may be a spider (not...
  18. Umbra.Exe

    Water repellant coatings on faux fur?

    Wow, interesting! Thanks for posting your findings. Looks like Scotch Guard is the way to go here. But oh my, does the the NeverWet look pitiful. ^^: Do these coatings do anything for dirt/mud, or is it mainly just to repel water?
  19. Umbra.Exe

    The Furryizer: The Wishlist/Discussion For "Furry Versions" Of Stuff

    I feel like this question has been asked a lot.... But to answer it in my view, I don't really think about putting anthros in things. :\ Sometimes when I hear a song, I imagine anthros or whatever, but that's about it, I think. To me, adding anthros into games and such is just a cosmetic...
  20. Umbra.Exe

    Water repellant coatings on faux fur?

    I don't see why you couldn't try, at least. Get a swatch of the fabric, spray that stuff on, and see how it works. Also check to see if the fur's texture changes, that may be important to some.