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  1. Baron Tredegar

    Furry Board Games?

    I know of the existence of several furry tabletop rpgs but what about board games or card games? Are there any board games or card games made by furries or at least are of interest to furries?
  2. Baron Tredegar

    Favorite Disney Princess

    This is a place to discuss your favorite Disney Princess. For me it would be Mulan. That movie had a great soundtrack.
  3. Baron Tredegar

    Favorite Artists?

    This probably already exists but I didnt see any current ones. Here is a place to post and discuss your favorite artists whether they are furry or non furry! Ango76, Thanshuhai, and Multyashkasweet are some of my favorite furry artists. My favorite non furry artist is Christian Faber and all of...
  4. Baron Tredegar

    Historical people you think would've been furries today?

    Are there any historical figures you think would have been furries had they lived today? Two I can think of might be Jonathan Swift and possibly C.S. Lewis. Jonathan Swift was possibly a misanthrope and wrote about a civilization of sentient horses that ruled over a savage race of humans in...
  5. Baron Tredegar

    What was the first image uploaded on furaffinity?

    Just got curious, does anyone know what was the first thing ever uploaded on furaffinity?
  6. Baron Tredegar

    Has anyone did the Hc Svnt Dracones rpg and is it any good?

    For a while Ive been wondering if the Hc Svnt Dracones rpg is any good. Ive seen a lot of bad reviews but it seems those mostly just boil down to "furry bad". Has anyone here actually played it and let me know if its worth checking out?
  7. Baron Tredegar

    Unpopular movies you enjoy

    What are some movies you all enjoy and like that everyone else doesnt like? For me it would be:
  8. Baron Tredegar

    Music of your childhood

    What music do you associate with your childhood that makes you nostalgic when you hear it? For me it would be:
  9. Baron Tredegar

    Was anyone else terrified of mascots when they were a kid?

    When I was a kid I thought that the mascots at the disney parks and other places were terrifying. Now I find most fursuits to be adorable. Is anyone else like this. If you want to put terrifying mascot pictures here I guess thats fine too.
  10. Baron Tredegar

    My birthday is coming up at the end of this month, does anyone want to try to draw my sona?

    Here is what I got for reference: I would like to note I would prefer plantigrade legs, but other than that feel free to deviate from what I have for reference.
  11. Baron Tredegar

    How did you come up with your fursonas name?

    What was your inspirations for your fursonas and OCs names? For my character Ahrakas, I used the name of an extremely obscure Coptic Christian saint named Saint Ahrakas. According to legend he was a dog headed companion of Saint Mercurios. Here is a depiction of him with another dog-headed saint.
  12. Baron Tredegar

    Favorite Furry Musicians

    Who are some of yalls favorite furry musicians? For me it might be Fox Amoore and Yonkagor.
  13. Baron Tredegar

    Furry Easter Eggs in Star Trek The Next Generation

    So apparently one of the people working on Star Trek the Next Generation back in the 90s must have been an early furry fan. On computer screens in Season 1 episode 25 (Conspiracy aired 1988) are references to Steve Gallacci and several characters from Albedo Anthropomorphics...
  14. Baron Tredegar

    Edgelord simulator

    Post the most edgiest comments and memes that only a middle schooler would think is cool. and remember no russian.
  15. Baron Tredegar

    Request: Anyone want to do a fursona of my home town?

    I live in Waynesboro Georgia, the self proclaimed Bird Dog Capitol of the World. I feel like that distinction should be honored by its own fursona. I have no money for payment but if anyone wants to try doing it I would greatly appreciate it. Featuring a red prop airplane or a building with the...
  16. Baron Tredegar

    Funny government documents

    Here is the place to post and discuss hilarious government documents. To start off here is a declassified CIA report from 1973 discussing a psychic probe of Jupiter. https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/document/nsa-rdp96x00790r000100040010-3 Edit: this isnt just specific to US government documents...
  17. Baron Tredegar

    Strange things you thought as a kid.

    Share strange and bizarre things you believed were true when you were a kid. I thought that NASA had antigravity chambers for testing.
  18. Baron Tredegar

    Favorite Decades

    What are yalls favorite decades? For me it would be the 1970s.
  19. Baron Tredegar

    Favorite Composers?

    So who are yalls favorite composers. I think for me it might be Kenji Kawai.
  20. Baron Tredegar

    Who would you want to narrate your life

    Simple just put down who you would want to narrate your life. To start off I would like this lady to narrate my life: