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  1. Inanis

    Give a job to the furry above you!

  2. Inanis

    Talking from A to... Y

    Victory lies just ahead, go grab it!
  3. Inanis

    Body hair on men; aye or nae?

    Hm....hm....m... It is fine as long as the other person take care of his hygiene.
  4. Inanis

    Talking from A to... Y

    Pikachu, I choose you!
  5. Inanis

    Stuff your fursona wouldn't say

    Wazzup bro? So I met this chick at Hooters and we're hooking up. Guess whom will eat some *meow* tonight? ;) I'll have exams tomorrow morning, could you also pass by 7AM? TTYL
  6. Inanis

    What do you think about...

    It is tasty and Garfield approves. What do you think of hourglasses?
  7. Inanis

    What video game are you playing...

    Checking Terraria's Journeys End.
  8. Inanis

    How do you keep it together?

    I often distract myself laying comfortably in bed listening to old Video Games Soundtracks. (Aquatic Ambience, Stickbrush Symphony, Forest Interlude...) It reminds me when I was a kid, not worrying much about the future and how it is only a projection of little things you know at a time...
  9. Inanis

    Would you spank the furry above you? (give reasons why if ya like!)

    Its Fallowfox, meh. +1 slap
  10. Inanis

    AI Storytime!

    Shake me, shake me. I'm completely adrift at the moment. I do not really know what to do with myself at the moment. I do not really know how to make a request. I do not really know how to connect to someone." He gives a thorough rundown of his day-to-day, he had a really great day, he works from...
  11. Inanis

    Would you spank the furry above you? (give reasons why if ya like!)

    I'll give him mercy, he had a rough night. Kicked, bitten, mouse trap'ed....
  12. Inanis

    Good Gay Romance Comics/Stories?

    I think Adastra and The Smoke Room are both fantastic visual novels fitting into that category. As of a writer, Kyell Gold has plenty of short eroticas at his FA-page.
  13. Inanis

    Favorite Christmas Song

  14. Inanis

    Best video game music?

  15. Inanis

    Quarantine living

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mind your manners! I can't, and won't TORTURE someone I've just met. Im not a sadist D:
  16. Inanis

    What does the person above you smell like?

    Haribo Gummy Bears!
  17. Inanis

    Quarantine living

    Thanks dude, its a rather funny way become more talkative. Stimulates positive changes :]
  18. Inanis

    What is your eye colour?

    Dark brown.
  19. Inanis


  20. Inanis

    Quarantine living

    I have cognitive behavioral therapy every 15 days or so, eases the anguish. Watching youtube videos of @mayapolarbear or Fable the raven also helps.