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  1. SageHendrix

    Califur 2010: Cabaret Fur Le Dance Casting Call

    Hello everyone! Its that time again! Yes....its booty shakin time! ...err...no wait....thats just me. Califur is just around the corner so its time to break out those costumes & props and join us once more for the Cabaret Fur Le Dance. Sure, this means you can be in the audience, or be...
  2. SageHendrix

    Seeking Out A Member of Fandom

    While I know he may not have been an artist, let alone here on FA, I was hoping that someone might know this individual and how I might get in contact with them. Back in 2001/2002, I had a friendship with someone. He was someone very dear to me, despite anything we went through. His RL name...
  3. SageHendrix

    Submissions Can Be Deleted En Masse

    I would love to see a process that would allow you to select submissions you wish to delete, and then delete them all at once. I understand if the site has a specific reason that they may not want you to be able to delete your entire account, but a way of mass deleting submissions and journals...
  4. SageHendrix

    Who creates non-anthro art (Part 2)

    http://www.furaffinityforums.net/showthread.php?tid=13918 As seen in the last poll, there is a decent amount of people on here that are at least 50/50 about non-furry art vs furry/anthro art. This indicates to me that there is a decent amount of furries that do art outside of the "furry"...
  5. SageHendrix

    Poll: Who creates non-anthro art (Part 1)

    How many of you FA users are a model/photographer, still life painter, or do other types of non anthro/furry art (yes, this is a very broad spectrum). I am not asking how much of this that you actually post here on FA but just how much of the non-anthro/furry work you find yourself doing.
  6. SageHendrix

    New Category Idea

    I do not know if anyone else has noticed but there is a small influx of FA users that seem to enjoy making game props/skins--many of them anthro in some way. SecondLife is the most common but I even see others. Would there be a possibility of adding a category in the future for things like...
  7. SageHendrix

    Model Sheet Assistance

    Okay I have been looking high and low for male model sheets. Basically I want to improve on my male anatomy drawings by creating a model sheet template for both males and females. While there are plenty of references online, they are all for cartoon characters which means that the...
  8. SageHendrix

    Ethic Question Related to Selling Art (Warning....kind of long)

    I'm an artist that has yet to have really done many commissions or put her work in many shows/convention art exhibits. However a friend of mine felt a bit hurt about something to do with another artist and someone he thought was a friend. SS (the artist) was on the way to a convention one...
  9. SageHendrix

    Getting Your Fursona Drawn

    Its funny. I know a heap of people that could probably do my character justice by commissioning them for a piece of my fursona, Kat. I mean, each has a different style but many of them mimic the edgy personality that Kat exhibits. I much prefer drawings of my fursuit Nips who is obviously...
  10. SageHendrix

    Looking for a pic on FA

    Since FA still hasnt enabled searching again Im lost on finding a picture again. It was a picture someone had on here of Jeannie (I Dream Of..) but as a mouse. She was frustrated because her master had wished her to have big breasts (and I guess she didnt want them). Anyhow, if anyone...
  11. SageHendrix

    Panthera pardus

    Panthera pardus or leopards....anyone notice that between all types of leopards...the snowleopard is the most common? Feel free to share if you have seen otherwise but I think I see more people that choose a snow leopard for a phenotype than any other leopard type. Black leopards (or panthers)...
  12. SageHendrix

    Showcase: Making light of the drama

    You can partially blame my boyfriend for coming up with this and me for actually drawing it out and executing it. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/277988/ Not really trying ot start any drama but, more or less, make light of it. Sometimes art is a cure for silly drama.
  13. SageHendrix

    Site Updates Page

    I know that many of you artists who have a personal website (not counting dA, FurAffinity, or VCL pages) might have a section in thier main page where they list site updates such as new items added, current projects and the like. I would be curious to know how you put that in your site...
  14. SageHendrix

    Wordpress anyone?

    Anyone here use Wordpress? Im hoping to find someone who might know a way to emulate a page I have already but contain my blog content.
  15. SageHendrix

    Movie Limitations on FA

    I knwo that you guys have always had a restriction about what movie files are allowed on your servers, restricting us to only SWF (Flash). I was wondering if you guys had an idea of where furs can go to convert thier AVIs to SWF. -Kat
  16. SageHendrix

    Journal Features Dont seem to always work

    Is anyone else having problems when wanting to introduce formatting in your journal page? I ask because if I use any of hte buttons above the journal (underline, bold, insert hyperlink) it will put the corresponding code at the bottom of my text instead of around the selected text that I want...
  17. SageHendrix

    Krystal: Why adult?

    What is the reason for the amount of Krystal porn, both on FA and outside of the furry fandom? Curiosity has got the better of me and I feel I have to get some sort of feedback other than my boyfriend snickering at me and saying "that's just the way it is. Its a female fox so its common..."...
  18. SageHendrix

    Commission Info Page : Custom Fields?

    Hello I was curious to see if it would be possible to create an "Add Commission Type" button so that users could add additional types of commission they offer other than sketches instead of just using the 2 "Extra Option 1/2" spaces. I think this becuse I would like the option of further...
  19. SageHendrix

    The endangered species list

    With the exception of most dinosaur types, there are alot of problems I am beginning to have concerning my art's subject matter --- thylacines. Part of me fears them and thier fully opened jaw but Im intrigued by them at the same time. One of my friends identifies as one and i have done a...
  20. SageHendrix

    Complete Removal of Account

    I tried to contact staff about this directly without clogging up the threads howver I have not got a response about this. How does one have thier account completely purged from the system, favorites, userinfo and all? I have my art up here but since I am banned I am not able to access my...