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  1. GrayMech

    medieval group RP [Discord]

    want to start a group RP on discord set in medieval times where i'm a sub bottom that gets used in the middle of a tavern by the patrons. few limits so try me inbox me for an invite looking for tops of all kinds but have a soft spot for fat, chunky and muscle guys no long story or anything...
  2. GrayMech

    M/M want to rp as characters from games/cartoons on discord

    i want to try RPing as characters from games and cartoons, willing to top or bottom, i like to really get into character and take on their personality. some characters i want to try RPing as: panthro from 2011 thundercats, bowser, pete from disney, king genn greymane and thrall from world of...
  3. GrayMech

    [NSFW] looking for mature daddy type for m/m RP

    looking for someone to rp a mature daddy type character, ideally either fat or muscular (or a combination of them) I'm happy to rp as a human, werewolf or just my wolf character. (prefer being human) can RP on discord but also open to other platforms. willing to send pics of myself or my...