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  1. stellatae

    Are there any neurodivergent-friendly tutorials?

    hi everyone! I am not sure how to word this but I'm looking for art tutorials that are either made by neurodivergent creators or people who understand neurodivergent people. There are many parts of my art that I want to improve but I struggle with many of the popular tutorials. This is not...
  2. stellatae

    (vent) Mental Illness is exhausting.

    Hi everyone, before I get into it I wanted to put some trigger warnings just in case. Additionally, I read the forum rules, but if I missed one or just messed up, please let me know! tw: depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, cancer, tumour, chronic illness. I'm not the best at wording things, and...
  3. stellatae

    Do you separate your SFW & FET/NSFW art?

    hi everyone! I really need some advice or thoughts on this matter as it's been bothering me for a while. I am not the best at wording so I apologized if I word something wrong or just awkwardly! I have no idea how to word this but I draw both SFW & NSFW/Fetish art and I'm wondering if I should...
  4. stellatae

    Question: What would you include for a character design?

    Hello again! I'm back again but before I get into my question I wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post as well as everyone on this form. I'm on a few different art-related websites and I've come across the kindest, most understanding people here. Y'all gave some...
  5. stellatae

    help needed! arms are :(

    hi everyone! I'm jumping in here because everyone was so kind on my last post and seemed to over fantastic advice. I'm working on my first anthro character attempt and it isn't going too bad (I think). I am just having trouble with the arms. I cannot seem to get them positioned to look normal...
  6. stellatae

    Questions from a new NSFW Artist :)

    Hi everyone! I want to start this by mentioning it's my first time posting here so if I mess up somehow I apologize! I am a brand new digital artist who has just started a little over 2 months ago and I can see myself improving. I started with SFW works, and still do them, but I've fallen in...