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  1. ragethegemini

    Hiring: 100$ price range - bondage (SFW)

    A demon boy!!! I'd love to do a piece like this, I actually specialize in humanoids/monsterboys! My rate would be about $80-$90 for a full (bondage, bloody, background, etc) illustration, please let me know if you're interested! Here are some of my recent pieces that may be the style you're...
  2. ragethegemini

    Hiring: Hiring for NSFW pin-up of my scalie self [$250 max]

    Hello! I don't have many Scalies in my portfolio BUT I can draw dragons, anthro, and NSFW pinups so I'd be willing to draw yours for a discount off my usual rate ($70-100)! Please DM if you're interested - I can give more examples of the NSFW content I do as well! Here are some of my...
  3. ragethegemini

    Hiring: Looking for awesome avian art! ($100-200)

    Hello! I've been looking into drawing more avians, and I have experience with wings and felines! I can do NSFW pinups and clothing, and my fullbody color prices are around $40-50. Or if you'd want to just purchase a sketch first ($10) to see how your character would look in my style, I'd be...
  4. ragethegemini

    Hiring: Putting together a ref sheet for an original species $50-$100 range

    Hello! In case you're still looking for an artist, I've been wanting to practice my refsheet skills and I could give you a discount! I can do a sheet with a front and back view for $50, and any extra close-ups of details (like, for example, extra facial expressions or body features) would be...
  5. ragethegemini

    Hiring: LF artists who can draw beefy monsters/dainty human men. SFW&NSFW ($150/piece)

    Hello! My body-type skills are pretty flexible, and monster boys are one of my specialities~ I can also do some pretty cute chibis that make great stickers! Here's my commission sheet!
  6. ragethegemini

    Hiring sketch artists (5-20 USD)

    Hello! I'm interested too, and my fullbody sketch price is only $15! Wings are one of my specialties, so honestly I'd love to do most of those on the list - but I particularly love doing feathered dragons, or Quetzalcoatl! Here's some examples of my art:
  7. ragethegemini

    Anyone open for commision?

    Also open! And im currently running a sale on headshots~
  8. ragethegemini

    (Commission) Selling: colored headshot sale $8-10

    Hello! I'm running a colored headshot sale! UPDATE: 4 slots left! Prices: $10 - any anthro character (furry/scalie/alien/feral/etc) $8 - any feline species! Normal headshot price is 15, you can find my info at Commission Info for ragethegemini -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Payment is paypal...
  9. ragethegemini

    Hiring: In need of semi-realistic human art

    Hello! I do quite a bit of human/fantasy art, and I offer fullbody color commissions starting at $35 USD per character! My style is flexible but here are some examples: