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  1. Raspberry

    Furry ears: What style do you prefer?

    I've noticed something: Almost every furry character I've seen has upright ears. It's pretty rare to see one with floppy or folded ears.
  2. Raspberry

    So..Characters who are actual breeds.

    This is referring to domestic animals. Dogs, cats, etc. I can't say it's common to see characters who are breeds. The most I see are Border Collies or Huskies. I've never got this. Maybe in furry animal societies people don't care about breeds much so everyone's mixed? Then where did breeds...
  3. Raspberry

    So, does this fandom have a name?

    I can name dozens of series with in-animate characters - anywhere from Toy Story to Thomas and Friends, Frosty the Snowman to Veggie Tales - and I'm assuming this has a name.. Right? There has to be a fandom for fans of in-animate objects.
  4. Raspberry

    Hooves, wings, paws, fins, or hands?

    What does your fursona have? Do their limbs work more realistically or what? Mine always has non-prehensile hooves. I figured in the anthro-verse version of him there'd be tools and specific versions of certain objects for animals with hooves, so he uses those but when he can't he just makes...
  5. Raspberry

    Books featuring dogs.

    It's hard to find any good animal novels that aren't about cats. The Wild Road? Cats. Tailchaser's Song? Cats. The Book Of Named? Cats.. Well sort of. Felidae? Cats. Warrior Cats? Cats. Even worse they're all about feral cats. Why can't I find one about a cat who lives comfortably with a...
  6. Raspberry

    Are there any furries here who dislike anthro characters?

    Or at least aren't terribly fond of them. There's a misconception with non-furries that all furries love anthros, or that something is only furry if it's anthropomorphic. Something like, say, Spirit or Leafie are just as furry as Sonic or Franklin. I'm not that into anthro furries myself...
  7. Raspberry

    Everyone only makes canines and cats.

    I want to buy a full fursuit within the next few years but I can't find someone for me. The only one that comes to mind is Beetlecat. When I look at fursuit makers galleries I basically see three things: Canines, felines, reptiles. My fursona is a pig. No one does pigs. Most of the pig and...
  8. Raspberry

    Where are all the feral webcomics?

    Feral Webcomics I can't find any webcomics about feral animals.
  9. Raspberry


    Hey, I'm Renee. I'm not really 'in' the furry community so I decided Furaffinity's forum would be a fine place to start. I've known about it for well over 6 years but never signed up. I've identified as a furry for the last 3 years but I've loved animal characters my entire life. I lean toward...