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  1. Toxxy

    Avatar The Last Airbender

  2. Toxxy

    I need some fandom friends.

    Because the title; "I need some furry friends" sounds wrong. This is pretty BAAAAW, but outside of Off Topic banter, I really don't interact with any other furs. Sooo, calling all talkative furs who have AIM, MSN or YIM who want to just yak about the fandom or shenanigans in general. No...
  3. Toxxy

    Glasses, anyone?

    WHAT'S YOUR SEXUALITY!? No, really. I just got glasses for the first time in my life yesterday and I'm curious if anyone else wears glasses and why because they're such a cute accessory even though I just need them to see. *Far-sighted, bi the way*
  4. Toxxy

    The Tox

    Name: Toxxy by most, Tox by others. Age: Seventeen as of May 28 Sex: Ha Ha, double entendre! /Sebben It's Female. Species: Siberian Husky with some puzzling large cat traits. Height: Stands Five feet, four inches (162cm) as an anthromorphic. Weight: Weighs just around 119lbs (54kg), again, as an...
  5. Toxxy

    Why this species?

    What made you pick the species of your fursona? I've almost always lived in cold weather and running is my favorite activity so a husky just seemed to pick itself. Haha. What about you all?
  6. Toxxy

    Totally not doing this sleep-deprived

    Hion, I'm a Hion! Well, my fursona is anyway. (75% Husky, 25%Lion) Hello one and all, I'm Kat, a Hion from waaay up north in the coldest regions of New York State. Much earlier this year I've finally identified myself as a furry after years of playing Neopets and lurking Deviantart (haha). I'm...