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  1. Madame


    Secular humanism is probably the closest to an actual philosophy I follow. The most succinct and accurate description I've heard of it is: "Good without God." As for a personal saying/mantra/whatever, these are a couple I go by: - "Leave a place better than you found it." I'm a lifetime member...
  2. Madame

    Would you consider dating someone older/younger than you?

    I've crushed on people (mostly professors) who were and are 10-20 years older than me, so a decade older is something I could see happening. A decade younger would be jailbait and I don't particularly like kids, so no. Sorry to hear it won't be going anywhere with your potential paramour, Fenrari!
  3. Madame

    Pony OC Requests

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7893069/ There ya go, Lunar!
  4. Madame

    Pony OC Requests

    I'm really in the mood to draw some MLP characters. If you have an original pony character (or an OC you'd like to be pony-cized), please feel free to post a reference and any pose requests (G-PG, please). If it's a non-pony character to be pony-cized, please also let me know what you want your...
  5. Madame

    Escape From Mossmire and The Mossflower Herald.

    You can ask over there or you can ask here. The person who's adminning the contest is on FA, and I can probably answer any questions that come up, as well. I would recommend joining the forum where the contest is being held so that you can chat with the rest of the audience/possible...
  6. Madame

    Bust and Full Body Commissions Open

    Looking to make a bit of cash before graduation in case I don't have a job lined up for after by the time May rolls around. So, I've been open for commissions for a while, but I thought I'd finally advertise on the forums. If you're interested, please message me here or note me with a reference...
  7. Madame

    What Makes a Short Story Fail?

    Posting one of my recent short stories on DA and asking for a critique on the forums there, I received this comment from the gel whose thread I posted in: She hadn't read the story, but did take the time to read my description in the comments section below the piece. It included some back...
  8. Madame

    How did I do?

    I'll review this more in-depth later, but the thingy that sticks out as a minor biology-fail... Male Horse + Female Donkey = Hinny A mule is the product of a female horse and a male donkey. Mind your biology. ;P
  9. Madame

    first work ever over furry fandom (not work safe)

    First thing that strikes me about this is formatting. When there is a new speaker, you should start a new paragraph. As it is now, it's sometimes hard to tell who is speaking where, even when you have the lead up of 'such and such said X'. On general spelling, punctuation, and grammar: remember...
  10. Madame

    Male mustelids needed!

    Just a guess, but probably not. Raichu is based off of a rat, which would be a rodent rather than a mustelid. If you wanted a Pokemon equivalent, it'd probably be something like a Furret.
  11. Madame

    Male mustelids needed!

    I have a male pine marten or a male stoat that might suit your needs. =3 Marten: Rich Ermine: Regi 1 - color (winter coat) and Regi 2 - sketch (summer coat)
  12. Madame

    Critique Request: We'll Always Have Wizmar

    Title: We'll Always Have Wizmar Word Count: ~1,500 Summary: Set in the aftermath of a terrible row with her master/guide in the magical arts, Conrad Markem, Madison Eyes (an Ice Sage) must drag her broken, cursed body across the city of Wizmar to reach her friend, and the one creature who will...
  13. Madame

    Looking for writers?

    sarcasticmarten I only have a few stories (fantasy and based on characters from a medieval, magical furry RP site I used to co-admin) and some poems, but I figure it's good to get m'name out there.
  14. Madame

    Need some help with an odd word ...

    I find WordReference to be great for things like this. Here's a link to the entry for 'bloody'. There are some options/phrases in the popular definitions II, and if you scroll down, there are links that will take you to forum posts asking about specific translations for various phrases using...
  15. Madame

    taking request! (closed)

    RE: taking request! Thank you very much, Under. You're doing a great job with these little requests.
  16. Madame

    A team of villains

    I imagine so. Some geckos have the ability to change the color of their skin to either hide from predators or disguise themselves from prey. I'd say that makes them pretty tricky critters.
  17. Madame

    A team of villains

    Yes, a reptile would be cool. Maybe a Gecko for a stealthy climbing character?
  18. Madame

    Poets: How important is performance to your work?

    Performance certainly factors in to how good a poem sounds. There's a young man in my Lit. Society that occasionally reads the anonymous submissions that come in. No matter how bad I think a poem looks on the paper, when he reads, it's like he infuses poetry into a chaotic mess of words and...
  19. Madame

    The Critique Thread - Post requests for crits here!

    RE: Crits Wanted! Title: A Murder In Two Axe Links: Act I Act II Summary: Cherish Albany, a skinned red-winged blackbird has an assassin on her tail after robbing and injuring a very vengeful shop owner. She's out with her pal Lucy when a comedy of errors ensues in which the assassin...
  20. Madame

    [Mildly rantish] Coming up with characters

    'Nother one here who has an easy time with character creation. I guess what helps me most is listening to music. I'd say 8/10 times, my characters were at least partially inspired by a song. I listen to a lot of genres, so that helps to diversify the cast, but the ones who have given me the most...