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  1. HoshiKitsunuki

    In need of a specific Final Fantasy X poster...

    I won't go into details... but I have a poster that I had framed that is a Final Fantasy X poster, with Yuna and Tidus standing in the lake together. I need another copy of this poster. It is regular large poster size, and it had a white strip underneath the picture that says "Final...
  2. HoshiKitsunuki

    Tails and ears! And other things!

    I just listed a bunch of my costume pieces on Furbuy, I thought I'd add a topic about it here, for the good of the furry community! Black fox tail Costume leopard ears and tail Costume medium fox ears Also. There is other random stuff too, which is not listed here. These are just the items...
  3. HoshiKitsunuki

    Wolf statues/figurines

    I put this auction up on ebay, but I thought I should list it here for the good of the furry community. Wolf statues/figurines Cheers!
  4. HoshiKitsunuki

    All art and no pay makes Hoshi a dull girl~

    I have lots of time and not enough requests for my liking so I thought I would post here in the forum! Here's my user profile. Some of the commission information is there but the prices are not set in stone! You can always send me a note, let me know what you would be willing to pay too, I...