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  1. EllieTheFuzzy

    Looking for one of those, Swivel Screen Laptop Tablet's for CS5/6

    And just light gaming to go with it, TF2 Garrys mod, Minecraft, doesn't need to be in high quality, low to medium just does, most important part is it has to have the screen to draw on, and good hardware wise A few options i was thinking of were...
  2. EllieTheFuzzy

    Crazy Idea but something i'd be curious to ask

    Eventhough this is something that'd interest a Mad scientist/Mad Doctor (akatheTF2medicXD) Per say (Without marridge and adoption, think more....squishy) if you had a huge bond and all that with a friend and such, is it possible in someway (as i seen some big riends call eachover...
  3. EllieTheFuzzy

    Best Video Editing Software? (Priced or Free)

    Thinking of buying a good piece of video editing software Rather than resorting to the sometimes reliable ever so ....well XD WMM, Money is kinda no issue as long as it's good (as long as it's not £200+) but most i seen were like 80-120, And i've heard around the names like Vegas and a one...
  4. EllieTheFuzzy

    Lucid VIRTU GPU virtualization software

    I Was mentioned this when i was looking about for the computer, is it any good/has anyone tried it, Apparently it's some sort of combination of your Chipset (Intel chipset) and a Dedicated Graphics card or somewhat, I was thinking It'd be neat to use with my Graphics card (GTX 550ti) and my...
  5. EllieTheFuzzy


    Any followers?, I am more of a neutral I like to enjoy the sport whole rather than through tinted vision.
  6. EllieTheFuzzy

    Advantages that a Dedicated graphics card has over running a chipset?

    Okay i know the basic answer is, 1 You can get way better graphics and better FPS, And it'll be easier on your CPU and RAM (Me thinking better cooling maybe too) andyoucangoaroundsayingthatyougotadedicatedgraphicscardtomakeyourselfsoundfancy But question im wondering is well, How much exactly...
  7. EllieTheFuzzy

    Tablet Having Excessive battery usage

    Yo i got myself a Old Fujitsu Lifebook T4215 with Windows VEESTAH! and of course it's a nice tablet here and there but seeing as im maybe wanting to go about with it im likely to be wanting it on battery instead of charge But the odd thing is this things battery usage is freaking EXCESSIVE, i...
  8. EllieTheFuzzy

    Cars Thread

    :D if it is okay to post it here, Seeing as my hello was pretty much all interest in cars I thought it'd be welcoming to open a thread on cars, The good the bad the ugly the advanced the behind, the ones that taste like cheese and the ones that smell like cherries all of em :D Go ahead :D
  9. EllieTheFuzzy

    Hewwo 8D :O :D

    Well i guess all i can say is, im a rather Nooby? XD, something like that, I am also what you can call a Scalie (Scaley however you like it) :D but i do like the furry too, So i guess both ends can be good too? idk 8D, im just into cartoons and playing video games and such, :D also cars :O...