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  1. ZigZag13


    I'm not against the idea of the ratings system, rather I'm all for it. I'm just saying, you might as well make it a two-point system because all people are going to rate things is 1 or 5/10. :P Plus, yeah, trolls and the butthurt 'tards, but that's even more normal. It's better to take a...
  2. ZigZag13


    You're saying Billboard is different? :p I just figured it'd be a fun little thing, nothing that means a whole lot. I already know that'd be the entirety of the charts but I'd still like to see it. :)
  3. ZigZag13


    That may be true, but what of Lulznet/furi/?
  4. ZigZag13


    It's rare to get actual constructive criticism through comments, though. DeviantART is the same way.
  5. ZigZag13


    I would like to suggest the possibility of "Furry Billboard Charts" for music, and possibly art and writing as well. (For the sake of example, I will be talking about music charts) The FBCs would track weekly views and/or downloads and list them in a similar fashion to...well, Billboard! They...
  6. ZigZag13

    Furry Music Videos =3

    Eggs by Mayhem
  7. ZigZag13

    Song critique?

    So yeah, I'm thinking of actually making two albums under my virtual band alias, Vida Astral. One would be a fairly normal album and the other would be it's remix album. The normal one is tentatively titled "Funereal", and would be generally solemn in mood, with the remix album, "Lovely", being...
  8. ZigZag13

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    Chopped up "Help!" and put some new drums over it. I like how the drums actually give the illusion of the BPM being halved (190 to 85), and how powerful they sound (to me). This was kind of an experiment for making "hard-sounding" rock drums, and I think I did alright. :)
  9. ZigZag13

    Stephen King haets Twilight

    Want some major laughs?
  10. ZigZag13

    Is it just me...

    Yes, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was heavily based off of the 1921 short story of the same name, which apparently took many of it's plot cues from Forrest Gump, a novel that came out 65 years after it. There is only one explanation. F. Scott Fitzgerald can travel through time.
  11. ZigZag13

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    I actually have a few more songs like this made! Maybe I should consider thinking about making an album full of fake game music...
  12. ZigZag13

    Lil Wayne rock album leaked

    Radio's been dead for 27 years, where have you been? On topic...Wha?
  13. ZigZag13

    Saddest moments in video games v2.0

    Mother 3. Early on in the game. When Flint goes crazy. I think I've said enough.
  14. ZigZag13

    YouTube Silences the Heathens

    YouTube Now Mutes Videos With Unauthorized Copyrighted Music
  15. ZigZag13

    Anybody read the twilight series here?

    I've actually read some harlequin novels, and they were a better, more inspiring read that the Twilight series.
  16. ZigZag13

    Furry Aqua Teen Hunger Force Episode

    ...This premiered early last year.
  17. ZigZag13

    504 Gateway Timeout

    Okay, so I've been trying to submit a few songs to the site for the past 2-3 hours. It usually only take about 5-10 minutes for it to upload, and it does upload, but then it stops and tells me it's waiting on FA. After a few minutes of this, it shows me this wonderful screen, every single time...
  18. ZigZag13

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    Here's my three latest submissions: Let's Go! (70's VA) is a remix of an unfinished and unnamed (barring "70's VA") tune that I created for my virtual band project, Vida Astral. I was completely and utterly at a mental blank on writing lyrics for it like I really want to do, but out of the...
  19. ZigZag13

    Fandom's Anthem

    Hm, I don't really see the need for one, but if we absolutely needed one... Kwo0ky Womble/Kurrel the Raven's "I'm Furry"?
  20. ZigZag13

    Taking commissions and FREE requests!

    Hi! If it's okay, could you please do an art of my character, Jana? ^^; Here's my refs for her, I apologize for the quality, I'm a horrid artist x3;;; Many thank yous in advance, you have really great art! :D