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  1. RhelArts

    CHIBI YCH - Santa Paws

    Got a fresh, hot, shiny new YCH for you folks, straight off the stove! In celebration of the holiday season coming up, I've got a cutesy little chibi YCH for folks who might be interested! This YCH will have multiple slots, your choice in character, colors, and expression, and is super...
  2. RhelArts

    Critique Away

    Hey folks! I just redesigned my old fursona and I'd like some input on his anatomy, design, and how my art is overall. I'll give you guys the colored and uncolored versions of both of these (a lined fullbody and cleanly sketched headshot) so you can get a good feel for it. He isn't really a cat...
  3. RhelArts

    A Greeting from a Returning Member

    so a little while back, just under a year ago, i was pretty active on the FA forums. in a twist of complicated fate, i took a pretty long break from art and communities in general, mostly holed myself up on discord, and did some stuff there. but! i am returning under a completely new name...