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  1. Shadowflare

    Looking for Figurine... [Artist Chosen]

    Hello! I'm looking for something... "different," today. To be more specific, like the title states I'm looking for a physical figurine/sculpture of some kind of my character. Not a plush--I already have one of this character--and not a fursuit. My budget for this figure would be about $500...
  2. Shadowflare

    In Need of Ref Sheet for Dragon Character [Artist Found/Thread Closed]

    Hello, I'm looking for a proper reference sheet of my favorite OC, a feral dragon named Shade. ibb.co: Shade Full Ref The facial shape of the creature is important: it is meant to be dog-like, rather than reptile-like. He also has dolphin or human-like skin, not scales or fur. To that end I'll...
  3. Shadowflare

    Requests [Temporarily Closed]

    Okay, so I want to do up to two drawing requests for now. Ferals are preferred but anthros or humans are welcome; SFW/non-kink stuff only, please! If you leave a written description of your character, that's okay, but I'll probably note you with questions so be sure you're fine with that. I...
  4. Shadowflare

    Another New Face Says Hello

    Hey! I'm sort of new to the furry fandom. I mean I've been into ferals for like 10 years, but I haven't really tried anything with anthros before... anyway, I'm 27 years old and female if you should want to know. I love video games, especially Pokemon and Monster Hunter. You can call me...