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  1. Nanaki-XIII

    The muziks I mayk

    Hey guys n' girls... and you occasional herms, If you notice my signature, you'll notice a link to a podcast that's done by Kraden and his crew. So... WHERE do I fit it? Around Episode 11 or 12 (Can't remember, don't plan on doing research), I start sending in segments of me playing...
  2. Nanaki-XIII

    Stage diving into the fandom

    From SheezyART, to DevianART, I've wiggled my way here. Since I'm more of a cleaner artist, I've found it a bit difficult to be rather new, and find new furry artists to trade around with, OpenCanvas with, or just flat out talk to. Pron is lovely and all, but seeing as I just don't draw it...
  3. Nanaki-XIII

    Stray Cat Strut

    ...sittin' on a fence. What's going on dewds and dewdettes? Nanaki here, joining the forums after a brief time getting my gallery in check. Hopefully it'll be a bit easier finding new artists to communicate with by being here. Topic's subtitle claims that people don't quite bite here. Tsk...