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  1. Lyka Snowfield

    Am I the only greymuzzle here?

    Greetings fellow furs :D I was pondering whether there might be other so-called 'greymuzzles' on this forum to hang out, chat and be friends with? Age or distance doesn't really matter to me as such - don't get me wrong. I'm just curious. That's all. Feel free to note me if you want to rescue...
  2. Lyka Snowfield

    Eurofurence 25

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if there any members here who will be at EF 25 in Berlin this year?
  3. Lyka Snowfield

    Northern Howl

    Hey guys, I finally decided to join this forum but have been a member of the fandom since about ten years officially, so I guess you can also call me 'greymuzzle' by now. I'm love with traditonal art as a semi-professional hobby artist (on hiatus atm), reading & collecting printed furry...