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  1. CaptainCool

    Main Site "Shout has been removed from your page."

    So I was going through my replies and such and noticed in the section for new shouts that one of them has been removed from my page. Now my question is how this might have happened because I didn't remove anything. And from my knowledge a shout that I have left on another user's page cannot be...
  2. CaptainCool

    Premium hugs

    $4.99 each. You get a choice of odor. Possible odors include vanilla, coffee, tobaco smoke, "Trust me, I like Axe" and "RAW ;3". Estimated delivery in 5 to 8 business days. Overnight shipping is 9.99€. You have to handle customs fees and possible additional costs associated with that.
  3. CaptainCool

    Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

    It's been so long since I watched Zim on TV... Today the movie was released on Netflix. It was fun to watch and just as mindless and insane as I wanted it to be. But after such a long time it was just a really long episode of Zim. That's what it felt like. Not that this is a bad thing! More...
  4. CaptainCool

    The ProJared disaster...

    So I woke up this morning to find out that one of my favourite YouTubers is a giant scumbag. What fun... Jared Knabenbauer, aka ProJared, is kind of falling apart right now. He announced on Twitter that he and his wife are getting divorced. Ok, nothing special but still pretty sad. Then word got...
  5. CaptainCool

    "Kidney stones are fun!"

    Said no one ever... Woke up Sunday night around 2 am with quite the pain in my right side on my back. Given the location of the pain it was pretty obvious what was going on... They shoved a drainage up my wang and now I am peeing blood. And if I hold it for too long it'll rush back up my kidney...
  6. CaptainCool

    The ketogenic diet is pure magic (weightloss thread?)

    Geez, it's been a while, FAF... 5 months ago I set a goal for myself: Finally stop being a fat bastard! A few years ago, before I became a vegetarian, I weighed about 123 kilos. That's about 271 pounds for those of you who hate units of measurement that make sense ;) So yeah, I was pretty...
  7. CaptainCool

    Canon 5Ds and 5Ds R, are 50.6MP worth it?

    Canon recently released their two megapixel monsters, the 5Ds and 5Ds R with 50.6MP. However, I am not convinced that this huge resolution actually offers any benefits. Here are some sample RAW files from Jared Polin, taken at the Grand Canyon...
  8. CaptainCool

    Plagiarism: No action because it's just "heavily referenced"?

    So I have a problem with two tickets that I recently got a reply to. I reported this image because it is pretty much a copy of my photo. The user even linked to my shot to show that he used it, but he didn't ask me. As a reply I got that it won't be taken down because "While you own the...
  9. CaptainCool

    Bug/Site Problem: Submission view-counter broken

    The view-counter for submissions appears to be broken. The number of comments and favorites is being displayed, but the number of views is stuck at zero. I have checked submissions from up to an hour ago and the problem is present there as well. Refreshing the page did not help as well. Edit...
  10. CaptainCool

    Submission Problem: Cub porn artist reported, not yet resolved.

    https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/sogaroth/ I have reported this user MONTHS ago. The entire gallery is almost nothing but cub smut. This is one of those cases again in which the user labels the character as adult on FA, but openly labels it as cub smut on Inkbunny. I would like it if an...
  11. CaptainCool

    Dobby's Chandelier

    5DbhtG6IJFM Looks like Dobby really enjoys being free! Good for him! :3
  12. CaptainCool

    The "Google meme"

    Just search the main site for "google" and sort the entries by date. You get TONS of results with this nonsense! They should call this the "against the AUP meme". Can someone please put a stop to that? It's getting annoying. Edit: Holy crap there are literally hundreds of them... I just...
  13. CaptainCool

    What about open tickets?

    I have some pretty ancient unanswered tickets and it's really starting to get annoying. The last direct reply to a ticket that I got was about two months ago and the admin in question didn't even do anything even though he claimed he resolved the issue. Some of my tickets technically date back...
  14. CaptainCool


    So, what are you dressing up as and why isn't it Slutty Elsa? Also, shoutout to those who are too young to legally drink but also too old to go trick or treating! Happy Halloween! Now excuse me while I go out handing out toothpaste to children.
  15. CaptainCool

    Wolf Wizard

    I stumbled upon this cute little comic on Tapastic. http://tapastic.com/series/Wolf-Wizard It's about the wizard Skye and the royal guard Lucas. Skye is a nerd, Lucas is a dork. Right now they are having an adventure in a cave. The style is cute and colorful, it doesn't take itself...
  16. CaptainCool

    Links to underage smut allowed now?

    The previous version of the AUP specifically said that uploading a preview to something that isn't allowed on FA (like child porn) and then linking to it in the description isn't allowed. This is now missing in the new version of the rules. I couldn't find it in the TOS, COC and SA as well...
  17. CaptainCool

    My dad grandpa got called "worm shit"

    Usually I just wait for a ticket to get worked on but I really don't feel like waiting for months until someone helps me out here. So a rather annoying christian called my grandpa, who recently died, "worm shit" just because I don't share his fairy tale beliefs. This is the same guy who...
  18. CaptainCool

    Tomodachi Life Stories

    Let's see how well this goes. Tomodachi Life gives you the option to easily take screenshots of both screens. So let's share some stories! I would like to share a sad little love story with you guys today... Slenderman was telling Rosalina that he loves her when out of the blue our GLORIOUS...
  19. CaptainCool

    General Photography Thread

    We already have a thread for wildlife and pet photography, so let's get one going for photography in general. Other threads: How to DSLR? Pets and wildlife Cross-posting should probably be avoided when showing off your photos. Also, make sure to comment on the shots of others. Contructive...
  20. CaptainCool

    Things that make you feel nervous.

    We got a thread about things we love, things we hate and gross things that happened to us. Lets have one about rather random things that make us feel nervous for no apparent reason. And by that I mean things that cause borderline anxiety for you. Increased heartbeat, sweat, short breath. I want...