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  1. CaptainCool

    Flashplayer Drop in 2020

    Ok turns out support ended on New Years but the Flash plugin basically committed suicide on the *12th* of January. It's now failing on my end as well.
  2. CaptainCool

    Flashplayer Drop in 2020

    Latest version of Chrome. Still works. I also can't help but notice that people are still uploading Flash animations.
  3. CaptainCool

    Flashplayer Drop in 2020

    Soooo Flash's still working for me. What gives? XD
  4. CaptainCool

    Cute thread

    Meet America's new First Doggo :3
  5. CaptainCool

    Why do people hate kids...?

    Because their parents are incompetent asshats who turned them into annoying little monsters and let them do what they want without taking responsibility for their hellspawn. So in a way I don't hate kids. I just hate their idiotic parents.
  6. CaptainCool

    Fighting fit to squash the pathowogen

    I started to go running regularly about a year ago. Two years ago I was still very overweight and would basically collapse if I had to run to catch my tram. After I lost about 30 kilos I was able to run close to 4km in one go. Took a bit of a break during the winter and spring, now I am working...
  7. CaptainCool

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    ほりもん 堀本達矢 (@HORIMOTO_T) on Twitter
  8. CaptainCool

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    He did retweet photos of fursuiters, so... Yeah, probably!
  9. CaptainCool

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    What? Don't you know Ongo Gablogian, the art collector? Oh wait, that... It's a sculpture from a Japanese artist :3
  10. CaptainCool

    Give bad advice to the User above you

    Use your lawnmower. Since we aren't supposed to use the house right now you at least get some use out of it again :) I want my video games to be more immersive. How can I achieve that?