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  1. Eske

    Quality, detailed paintings \\ Super Sale!

    $80 Full painting finished! C: (Click for full view) Another happy customer... More slots like these are available!
  2. Eske

    Quality, detailed paintings \\ Super Sale!

    $10 Icon Commission - finished! (:
  3. Eske

    Quality, detailed paintings \\ Super Sale!

    During the month of October, I am having a super sale! <3 Hurry and grab a slot while you can! For more info, see my journal here! $80 A fully custom painting featuring 1-2 of your characters, complete with a highly-detailed setting/background of your choosing! Extra characters (3+) are...
  4. Eske

    Do you have plushies?If so which is your favorite?

    This one: A baby penguin. c: My husband got it for me when I wasn't feeling too good.
  5. Eske

    *meow meow scratch face* HI

    You. I like you. c: I suppose the old 'welcome to FA!' is due. I was sort of a 90s kid too (albeit a bit late), that whole paragraph about books and TV made me smile. When I was a bit younger I used to be into older rockabilly (mostly the big names: Johnny, Elvis, and Buddy) -- these days...
  6. Eske

    Asterik By Name Means what?

    It means you're in invisible mode.
  7. Eske

    Are furries usually defensive in public? :(

    Aww, I'm glad to hear you got an explanation from the guy. (: It's a shame he felt pressured to act like such an asshat, but at least he approached you to make up for it.
  8. Eske

    Do furries like figurines?

    I collect owl figurines, but it doesn't really have anything to do with being furry. In fact, I'm not sure if I'd ever own an anthropomorphic figurine -- I prefer the regular owls. c:
  9. Eske

    NBC's Community or "Why Are You Not Watching Good TV?" Discussion

    The Big Bang Theory is utterly repulsive, but I really just don't find Community that entertaining. I wanted to like it because of Joel McHale, but it just doesn't grab me. I appreciate the more down-to-earth character designs, but I find that the actual humor of the show just seems so tired...
  10. Eske

    Duck Face. Why?

    Dear christ some of those girls are going to haunt my nightmares for weeks. :| In all seriousness, I think this probably is some sort of obscure, mutant version of the classic pouty look that only a handful of models have ever been able to pull off. It doesn't work for everyone. Clearly.
  11. Eske

    Does furry have something to do with your "inner-child"?

    I voted 'kinda', because I have difficulty understanding how the idea of having an 'inner child' actually works (in the figurative sense obviously, I know where babies come from. :V). For me, I guess a lot of the furry art I enjoy is rather childish from an outside perspective -- other people...
  12. Eske

    Best concert you've ever been to?

    Wow, 7 hours. The last concert I went to was like 4.5 hours, and even that was exhausting. I'd love to see In Flames! If that wasn't obvious (see my signature.. :V). How are they live? Edit: I just found out they'll be in Holland in November. I'm leaving in October. Ffff- :|
  13. Eske

    Best concert you've ever been to?

    I went to Kamelot's last tour with Roy Khan in Amsterdam last year for my birthday. It was amazinggg. We were right up against the stage. c: The fact that I'll probably never have the chance to relive the experience ever again makes it all the better for me.
  14. Eske

    New discoveries in the effects of marijuana.

    Uh, yes, they do. I did. I'm definitely not planning on doing anything illegal when I move to the states, so I stopped ahead of time. No negative side-effects or urges whatsoever, I just stopped.
  15. Eske

    New discoveries in the effects of marijuana.

    Drugs aren't bad, drug abuse is bad. If people would all be relatively smart about the things they did, we wouldn't need to ban anything. Sadly, that'll never be the case. I've never felt that there's anything wrong with Cannabis. It's about as harmful as alcohol (in many ways, even less...
  16. Eske

    Just in, read the rules and am now scared AKA newb incoming

    Welcome to the forums. (: What other kinds of things are you interested in, besides furry-related stuff? Thatch's reply may seem a bit blunt, but it holds a bit of truth. Just try to be level-headed and smart about the things you post, and you'll be fine -- being new won't change much.
  17. Eske

    May we please be allowed to embed images in our journal's header/footer?

    Personally, I wouldn't mind. As in, I'd like to do it for my own page. When I first started up on FA I was a little disappointed that it wasn't an option, but I can't remember why anymore. But allowing the general populace to do it? That'd probably be a disaster. Obviously there are plenty...
  18. Eske

    Who is right in this situation?

    Your neighbour certainly has a right to be upset, but the attendant was just doing his job. Just because you know someone has followed rules perfectly in the past, doesn't mean they're exempt from punishment when breaking rules in the future. In this case, the rule wasn't 'make sure you have a...
  19. Eske

    ATC Cards- Where to buy?

    I don't know much about ATCs personally, but you can always find anything on Amazon. c: Honestly, Amazon is my best friend. Their prices are usually fair (and you can buy resale if you want it even cheaper), they'll ship pretty much anywhere, and they have almost everything available.
  20. Eske


    I'm glad you found a bit of inner peace and time to reflect on your life. I always think that's important, and I wish more people would give it a try. (: I actually used to do deep meditation sessions, but I only really found what I was looking for when I moved to a place near a dense...