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  1. aqxsl

    How can i convince my BF to poop less?

    Every morning like clockwork when my boyfriend and i get out of bed, he goes to the bathroom to take his dump before heading off to work and then it seems like right after we eat dinner he does the same thing predictably. Every time he goes (twice a day) he takes a long time in the bathroom and...
  2. aqxsl

    [Hypothetical] $500k but you have to eat an entire cookie within a year

    You get the half million dollars right after you agree to the terms and must eat a cookie within a year. It can be any kind of size of cookie. It can be store-bought or you can make it yourself. The half million dollars is deposited in a bank account that gets 50% interest each day somehow...
  3. aqxsl

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor on winning an award

  4. aqxsl

    weird music

    ugghhh, i'm so sick of music; it's all just BORING i've gotten to the point where all i can really get into is stuff that amuses, disgusts, disturbs me, etc... everything else is just blah case in point, this album is all i've been able to listen to as of late, and it's complete and utter...
  5. aqxsl

    Sharing Is Caring: The Vibexchange

    Hey, let's share some albums with each other! Similar to the rate the song above you thread, but with a more thorough and 'caring' analysis, cuz discussing full albums is far more rewarding. So present an album to the above poster, they must acquire said album and listen to it in its entirely...
  6. aqxsl

    alright, let's see 'em (vinyl record thread)

    This is a circlejerk to share our love for everyone's favorite archaic, awful, and inconvenient format of music, the vinyl record. We the chosen few, we who spend countless hours of our lives reading discog prices, haunting garage sales, inhabiting good wills, and any trendy music shop...
  7. aqxsl

    the sounds of sorting algorithms

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8g-iYGHpEA and quick sort, which is the trippiest of them all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1PS8IR6Td0
  8. aqxsl

    I recently went to David Lynch's favorite bar, Le Tigre (Tiger Noir)

    Ya'll know Lynch; the avant-garde film director who's made stuff like: Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Eraserhead, ... Who would have guessed his favorite bar would be in Madison, Wisconsin? wierd Fittingly enough, the place is warped/depressing and has an atmosphere not unlike something out of...
  9. aqxsl

    6.5 month long drone album + 29-trillion hour masterpiece

    check out these guys albums: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bull_of_Heaven i can get the 6.5 month long from what.cd; it's only 380 GBs. Still can't find the 29-trillion hour one, but when I do, who's down to drone, 4ever?
  10. aqxsl

    (potentially dumb) Things you used to believe that has changed over time

    -forgoing fun in order to work really hard now will pay off and lead to something fulfilling later; it has "paid off", but it sucks -people in general are "normal"; most are crazy and people who actually have all their shit together are few and far between post your own; let us discuss
  11. aqxsl

    what's the most Nerdy aka 'Loser-y' thing you own?

    for me, it's a toss up between owning everything William Gibson has ever written or my growing collection of original Mao-era Chinese propaganda
  12. aqxsl

    you think you know metal, yeah? think you're a metalhead? think again

    bet you don't know babby metal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stmFt7GaM-Q this is it, this is what i've been looking for all along
  13. aqxsl

    disgustingly happy songs

    for the sake of dopamine production in your cold, computer-like brain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_QydNXI_ok
  14. aqxsl

    American Families Banned From Adopting Russian Children

    http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/russia-bans-adoptions-american-families-18081384 what disgraceful political tit-for-tat bullshit take away an opportunity to escape childhood in destitution/orphanage hellholes for the sake of a stupid political point? come on Putin
  15. aqxsl

    So what the heck is a non-phallic weapon?

    I remember reading an article about how action movies are inherently misogynist since the main character male or female is always wielding a phallic symbol, like a sword or a rifle etc. I keep seeing people call rifles and guns phallic, but what are examples of non-phallic weapons?
  16. aqxsl

    ten awesome 2012 releases that may have slipped under your radar

    yo yo instead of a best of list, i thought it would be cool to compile a list of some great albums i've listened to this year that didn't necessarily get a ton of attention 10) Kentucky - Panopticon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAUtCa13V38 Genres: Black Metal, Bluegrass, Folk Considered...
  17. aqxsl

    anyone else see The Protomen tonight?

    saw them in Madison for an End of The World Party and it blew my f-ing mind probably the most animated i've ever seen a crowd, with literally everyone fist-pumping and singing along through the entire set i think it was the best show i've ever witnessed; but then again i am pretty trashed so i...
  18. aqxsl

    11 year old gets tf2 hentai for his birthday (NWS)

  19. aqxsl

    albums that took you multiple listens to appreciate

    Rock Bottom by Robert Wyatt i remember when this finally clicked around the third listen and wow; so gloriously depressing. well worth devoting some time to appreciate and a top 10 album for shure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vmncV7MgcQ 94 Diskont by Oval at first glance this seems...
  20. aqxsl

    Hypothetical: A car is coming. What do you save? [Your own dog][Someone else's child]

    You are within distance to save either your own dog or someone else's young child. You can only save one. What do you do? [Edit]: the car will not slow down, collision is inevitable