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  1. Riavis

    Pursuit of Happiness... Right?

    I have to make a decision... the pursuit of happiness or money. I've never been one to miser over or be overly concerned about my money- but this situation seems different to me. Some background is in order: ON THE ONE HAND- steady paycheck, job security, despise the place...
  2. Riavis

    Collar and Tail

    I don't know if this is supposed to go here or in fur suiting. I didn't think that a collar and tail were enough to count as a fur suit, so I posted it here. Please let me know if it should be moved and I will delete and repost without further question. COLLAR: I'm really freaking skinny. Is it...
  3. Riavis

    Horribly rough draft.... potential?

    I had an idea I was going to use for a short story, but as I was brain storming I realized that this would come off much better as a graphic novel. It would be my first ever attempt at one, but idea after idea was hitting me and I could see the storyboards in my head as I struggled to try to...
  4. Riavis

    Graphical Ref Sheet (willing to commission)

    Attention all: Ref sheet (and possibly sig) commission is currently closed/taken. *HOWEVER* I will be looking for various types of art and a con badge in the near future. Everyone who posted here has some very good artwork to offer, and I'd like to thank everyone for their offers and possible...
  5. Riavis


    I think I've found my way to contribute to the furry fandom but I've run into a small obstacle. Only recently familiarized with the furry community I haven't had enough time to read much of the literature involved. I've written many short stories on fanfiction and I would like to try a hand at...
  6. Riavis

    Furry Rep

    So I tried researching this, but all I got were fursuits, tails and big ole' paws. I'm looking for..... I guess its "subtle," accessories to discreetly display my support of the furry fandom. I can't get myself to wear a full fursuit (not to mention its impractical for day-to-day wear), and all...