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  1. Itakirie

    Angle Grids

    This is actually a post I'm making for a friend of mine, since he doesn't have an FAF account, and he wrote the following. XD I, and many other artists can master most of the body, the hands, and paws... but the one weakness many of us have... is the proper anatomy of heads in any angle...
  2. Itakirie

    Traditional Art Card Trades?

    I've been wanting to do some art card trades for a while now. Any AC artists up for it?
  3. Itakirie


    Okay, I hate digital art with a passion....doing it that is. But it produces such wonderful results, and I'm know how to do it. Problem is, it's really tedious, and if I don't finish the piece in one sitting, there is only about a 20% chance that I will go back sometime and finish it. My...
  4. Itakirie

    There Should Be A Forum Section For Books....

    ...Unless of course I'm the only one on here who devours several novels a week on average, that or there is one and I'm blind and didn't see it. But hey, there's a section for movies, tech, video games, why not books? I dunno.... But anyway, BOOKWORM TALK GO. My favorite book would have...
  5. Itakirie


    Trust me, you don't. You spend hours sitting in a chair, with bloodshot eyes, and possibly flies buzzing around you because you haven't showered in days. You only see sunlight about once a month because you develop nocturnal sleeping habits. And every time you do see the sun, you hiss at it and...
  6. Itakirie

    Light Explosions

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYCHBI66izs&feature=player_embedded Now I know what the fuck was waking me up that night. I remember hearing explosions and seeing lights outside, but I assumed it was lighting or cops or something and went back to sleep. Now I wish I had known and watched it...
  7. Itakirie

    Awesome Songs

    First up, one of my favorite bands: Kamelot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qdcl67H1Jw&feature=related These guys are really fucking awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woRaHKNEs8Y&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9sd7cjMgDE&feature=related And then Sia: She has...
  8. Itakirie

    Awkwardness Thread

    So then...because I have had too much damn awkwardness for one day, I am making this: Tell us all about your awkward experiences dear wondrous FAFers and cleanse yourself free of the gripping awkwardness. I know I am.
  9. Itakirie

    Help With Coloured Pencils

    Okay then, so one of the banes of my art is that...I have no clue how the Hell to colour and shade with coloured pencils in a way that it looks at least a bit decent. And tutorials don't really seem to help much. And I would enjoy learning how to use markers and coloured pencils in my work...
  10. Itakirie

    Conbadges, art cards, and bookmarks starting at $1.50

    Bookmarks: $2.50 Examples: http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww162/rockinangel098/BUTTERKNIFE002.jpg Conbadges: $1.50-$4.00 Small: $1.50 Medium: $2.50 Large: $4.00 Examples: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/040/3/0/commission__sir_mooge_badge_by_citrustwist-d395el7.png Art...
  11. Itakirie

    Recycled Paper

    I bought a sketchbook made from 100% recycled paper. The paper is also of VERY good quality too. It works well with markers and such, almost as well as cardstock! On top of that, brown paper is a lot less intimidating then blank white paper, lol. Anybody else here ever used recycled paper to...
  12. Itakirie

    dA Point Commissions

    Don't know if this is allowed in here or in the right place but I figured I would post it anyway. Since I don't have a paypal and really don't much need money at the moment, I figured I will just do commissions for points on my dA account. Info and such is here You can note me on dA or FA...
  13. Itakirie

    You Never Know Just What People's Lives Are Really Like...

    I imagine this has pretty much been covered before, but I just had to do it. Because recently, I've been being surprised by a LOT of people, how they are raised, where and how they live and such compared to their behavior around most people. For me, most people tend to assume I live with...
  14. Itakirie

    I Will Now Forever Wonder...

    Okay then, so we live in an apartment, anyway, we had our kitchen sink stopped up for about a week until yesterday. The plumber came and had to cut behind a wall to get the blockage out. Anyway what I'm going to forever wonder, is just what the Hell was blocking it... Once the plumber saw he...
  15. Itakirie

    Either help me fix this, or please get me a list of Wacom tablet alternatives...

    Okay then, I have two Wacom tablets. The first one is a Bamboo like this. The second one is a Bamboo pen and touch. The first one I've had for about 3 years now and it still works fine except the cord is frayed to Hell, I plan on getting another cord but the thing is I plan for it to be a...
  16. Itakirie


    MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD TODAY. http://www.romanticallyapocalyptic.com/home?page=16 http://www.romanticallyapocalyptic.com/home?page=12 http://www.romanticallyapocalyptic.com/home?page=22
  17. Itakirie

    Ear hats for only $25

    I am currently making ear hats for 25 dollars each dont have any examples though i did make one recently that would be a good example I just never got a picture of it D: the hats I make are made out of faux fur. note me if interested my paypal is karen.k555@hotmail.com
  18. Itakirie

    $2 Artcards

    I am doing some 2 dollar art card commissions right now, if you want one note me the details and a ref if you can too. My paypal address is karen.k555@hotmail.com Examples:
  19. Itakirie

    $2 art cards

    im also doing art cards at 2 dollars a piece.they will be laminated and shipped to you Examples:
  20. Itakirie

    Ear hats

    I am currently doing custom ear hats for $35 each. they will be made of faux fur and this other type of fabric that i dont know what it is called DX Some things to know: I dont start working on it until I get the money. If the ears are more than three different colors the fourth color will...