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  1. Fronk-the-donkicorn

    ♡Free colored sketches♡ [CLOSED ]

    Heya! I need some practice on drawing anthros and animal people, so I'm gonna open up a few sketch requests. I cant confirm I'll get them all done right away, but I'll take as many as I think i can fit and close. Example of my sketches: One character per sketch please! Just comment your chars...
  2. Fronk-the-donkicorn


    Was debating to do this or not because I didn' want it to get more popular than my commissions but I want to talk to more people on here so! I'm gonna open up a few trades When trading I make sure we both get the same content, that way it's fair. Here's a few art examples- I can do...
  3. Fronk-the-donkicorn

    《Fronk's random art postings》

    Thought I'd post more of my art and get me out there here in the forms more. Will just be random sketches and full pieces that I like. ~~~ (If you like my stuff, please consider commissioning me! I currently dont have a stable job and want to have at some cash for cons and emergencies ^^' my...
  4. Fronk-the-donkicorn

    •Fronk's commissions!• Open! EMERGENCY SALE

    Hello there, Welcome to my commission thread! Here I will be posting my prices and any adopts or YCHs I make. I'll have each type a separate post.