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  1. Wilarose

    Reference sheet wanted

    PM sent!
  2. Wilarose

    Looking for commissions!

    PM sent!
  3. Wilarose

    HQ REALISTIC Digital Commission

    ✳Wilarose's HQ Commissions✳ ✩ Less than 5 day turnaround!✩ HumansAnthrosPets ━━━━━━━━▶✖◀━━━━━━━━ ☆I'm currently open for☆ HQ headshots for $30 - (7 slots) Takes 2 - 3 working hours to complete Usually done in one sitting Approximately 900 × 900 pixels HQ phone wallpaper for $40 (5 slots)...
  4. Wilarose

    $5 FULLY SHADED Holiday YCH!

    $5 for the shaded YCH Same day turnaround! PayPal payment Message me here or on Discord Wilarose#3385
  5. Wilarose

    Cheap Commissions with Backgrounds!

    Bumpity bump!
  6. Wilarose

    Cheap Commissions with Backgrounds!

    You can always message me for more examples!
  7. Wilarose

    Working on some art

    Working on some art
  8. Wilarose

    Cheap Commissions with Backgrounds!

    Hi! My name is Wilarose and my traditional commissions are open! **ALL OF THESE PRICES INCLUDE A BACKGROUND** 24 hour delivery period Traditional Chibis: $5 ------------------------- Traditional Headshot: $6 ------------------------- Traditional Waist up: $8...