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  1. MitchZer0

    Just how furry are you?

    How openly and obviously furry are you? Are you into the fandom? Do you separate yourself from the fandom? Are you active in the fandom? Yes the options are stupid, yes it was probably done before but just saying...
  2. MitchZer0

    Microsoft wants to kill off IE6

    IE6 vs. The World, and it's about damn time Microsoft did this. So, your opinions?
  3. MitchZer0


    George Wood and Tomb Raider 2 Discuss
  4. MitchZer0

    A warning to Youtube users

    If you got a PM on youtube saying "We will upgrade your account to one with 1.0 features, just give us your password" DON'T REPLY AT ALL!!! Seriously, unless you want your Youtube to show rap about fried chicken and want to have your Gmail account dead. I was very lucky I still had my pseudo...
  5. MitchZer0

    Youtube has a new Transcribe audio feature

    That's right, and it sucks. Well, it does give you funny results such as the screenshot I attached below (photobucket link:http://i944.photobucket.com/albums/ad288/MitchZer0/piratingmom.jpg?t=1267956432) . Also, sorry if I probably put this in the wrong topic.
  6. MitchZer0

    Uh, hi, (no flaming)

    I'm MitchZer0, I'm a furry, I play roblox, Gmod, and earth eternal I have an interest bootleg NES games (like Somari) and tracing their roots. Yeah, now for replies. (yes I already did this in the introduction thread up there, but I just want a more fresh introduction)