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  1. ZomgPwn


    I have a question for anyone who knows anything about guppies. I have had guppies before, but this has never happened. In one tank, I have 4 guppies that are about 2 and a half old months old. I tried separating the males and females when they were about 2 months old, but I think I may have...
  2. ZomgPwn

    Opinions and Tips for making a Dragon Tail? ^^

    Ok, so I need some advice and stuff on how to build a dragon tail. My parents won't let me get any fur to build a tail with because when my grandma died, she left a lot of fabric to us, and it has been in the attic since then, about 13 years. o.o They say that if I wanna make anything, I should...
  3. ZomgPwn

    ZOMG HIIIII!!!! *pounces* ^^

    Hey everyone!! You can call me Tala, or whatever other nicknames you can think up, but YOU SHALL NEVER KNOW MY REAL NAME!!!!! O.O It is evil. o.0 I am a raccoon furry. Yes, I do have rabies and steal people's garbage and eat all your cat food. Not really though. Ok, maybe I do have rabies, but...