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  1. Bladespark

    Anyone make fursuit wings? ($50-$150?)

    I do. I've got a few examples here: http://www.sparkcostumes.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=86 Price depends on the design you want, as well as the size. The only catch is that my project list is super full these days, so if you need them by a particular deadline, I might not be able to help.
  2. Bladespark

    Costuming costs

    I spend around $200 on supplies for a suit, generally. So yeah, that's pretty typical.
  3. Bladespark

    Frusuiting Inquiry: Just a little question on a fursuiting estimate!

    Yeah, seconding everyone else. :3 It'd run $1,100 from me, just as a reference point.
  4. Bladespark

    Looking for a tail maker

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11033851/ It looks like this one (It's 30 inches long, so it's quite large) and is $60 plus shipping.
  5. Bladespark

    Looking for a tail maker

    If you'd like a cartoon tanuki tail (Mario style, more or less) I have one already made that I'll be bringing to the con. :)
  6. Bladespark

    I was told...

    Whoever told you that isn't very creative. Some things are better than others, but there's no strict rule about what materials you can and can't use. Personally I I feel fleece is not an ideal fursuit material. But it *can* be used, as can lots of other non-ideal materials. Including PVC...
  7. Bladespark

    Latex/rubber suit

    If you would be happy with a PVC suit rather than a latex or rubber one, you can drop me a line. It will take a long time to make, but my prices are fairly reasonable. I have some examples in my gallery, here: http://www.sparkcostumes.com/gallery/index.php?cat=8 You can e-mail me about it at...
  8. Bladespark

    How much fur?

    For a full fursuit, 5 yards is what I buy. It's actually possible to get up to around a size large out of just 4 yards, but I always get 5, even for small customers, because that way I don't have to worry about laying out each piece exactly perfectly to use up every inch of the fabric.
  9. Bladespark

    softest fur fabric?

    They sell pretty standard good quality fabric that you can get just about anywhere. (I buy the exact same stuff from Distinctive Fabric, usually) but it's not in the same league as Tissavel at all. :) Of course it's also not in the same price bracket, so if you're on a budget, the "luxury...
  10. Bladespark

    First Time Vixen Needs Suit Advice

    You may have good luck making a duct tape pattern. If you've seen instructions for a duct tape dummy out there, you pretty much just do that, but instead of stuffing it and using it to drape, you cut it apart, add seam allowance, and use the pieces as the template for a pattern. I also suggest...
  11. Bladespark

    Commission (Hiring): Semi-realistic Fursuit

    Having taken a look at AutumnFallings' work, I have to say that most people with that level of skill have no shortage of customers, and thus don't need to trawl threads like this for business. Just FYI. You're going to have much better luck being proactive and going out to look for someone...
  12. Bladespark


    Get some clippers and trim the fur shorter? Or use seal fur or similar. Generally shorter fur shows crisper details, longer fur doesn't.
  13. Bladespark

    Custom calico color fur

    Fur fabric is acrylic, so it doesn't "take" dye terribly well, generally the best you can get is a faint tint. Airbrushing works better, but can make the fur feel coarse and may eventually fade. There really isn't an ideal solution. I've done a calico fursuit and I chose to sew in fabric...
  14. Bladespark

    softest fur fabric?

    I second Tissavel. I have to fight the urge to lay out all my Tissavel on the floor and roll around in it, it's ABSURDLY soft. Although a few of their fabrics are coarser than others, since they are super realistic and not all animals are actually soft. Also some of their fabrics probably...
  15. Bladespark

    Quick background image

    Hey all. I need a quick and dirty background image. Fantasy/medieval street by night, simple wooden door, red-glowing lantern hung next to it. The more atmospheric the better. Downsides: I've only got $6 to spend, and I need it by Monday at the latest. Anybody interested, please let me...
  16. Bladespark

    "Plushie" Furs and Fursuits?

    I've seen quite a few plushie fursuits. I even had a customer asking about one for a while, but they ended up not buying from me.
  17. Bladespark

    One fursuit (or giant plush) slot for this year.

    Hi folks. I recently had a customer cancel on me, and I'd like to fill the spot he just stepped out of. It would be for completion around November of this year, and is the last spot I have available until next year. The spot is for a full suit, but I can also do a partial suit, quad suit, or...
  18. Bladespark

    Fursuit Maker Wanted

    I just wonder what your budget is? Taking the time to make a video tutorial of the whole process means that it will take a LOT more work than just making a suit without stopping to film and create instructions for how to do every single bit. I would basically double the amount of time it...
  19. Bladespark

    Teeny handpaws and feetpaws

    When I first started doing hands I bought a pair of gloves that fit my hands super snugly and took them apart to get a pattern. The method where you just trace your hand is never going to fit as perfectly as it could, since hands aren't actually flat.
  20. Bladespark

    Looking for a maker!

    I don't want to rain on your parade, but the requirement that a fursuit maker bond with you is going to be offputting to a lot of people. I mean for me, I don't know you. So I don't know if we'd get along, I don't know if I'd find you annoying. Sometimes trying to work with somebody who won't...