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  1. MitchZer0

    A question.. Do's and Don'ts of art

    Do: Have dicks and many hot muscular dogs jacking off to or shoving it in eachother Don't: Have any female presence or reference
  2. MitchZer0

    are furries nice or mean?

    They're dramatic monsters that will shit on everything, of course they're mean
  3. MitchZer0

    "Dust: An Elysian Tail" Release Date Announced

    Is it just me or does the purple bunny character sound like Jefferson D'arcy from Married with children?
  4. MitchZer0

    Site still really slow

    Hey guys, how about you just go OUTSIDE!
  5. MitchZer0

    Site still really slow

  6. MitchZer0

    Site still really slow

    That's good news
  7. MitchZer0

    Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO free to play & other Q & A

  8. MitchZer0

    Furry Schools

    Gay is a literal sexuality, it's really not a choice as you are born with it. Furries on the other hand is just fandom, it's really your choice to be in it or not. You could just, I don't know, NOT BE ALL "Hey guys! Yiff me I'm a furry and I'm murrin' purrin' proud bark bark!" ON SCHOOL...
  9. MitchZer0

    Furry Schools

    It can't be a furry school. In a real furry school, the majority is heterophobic and whiny.
  10. MitchZer0

    When/If you talk to medias or fandom outsiders DO NOT TALK for the whole fandom!

    How about just leaving the fandom all together. I did it, and my life is much better now
  11. MitchZer0

    First OS you've ever used

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzlgJ-SfKYE Only people who watch commercials will get this
  12. MitchZer0

    Are the furry stereotypes true?

    Everysingle stereotype is true, you should feel ashamed of your self OP
  13. MitchZer0

    worst video game ever

  14. MitchZer0

    need help deciding my fursona species

    Just choose human
  15. MitchZer0

    How would you raise your kids?

    By staying indoors and being a chronic masturbater locked in his room 20/7, not having any interaction with any real women. I learn how to program AI and they can be my family, after all computers will never leave you.
  16. MitchZer0

    What's been the hardest thing about being a furry?

    Trying to stop masturbating
  17. MitchZer0

    Bronies and Furries

    That there was a TL;DR part, but drag would hammer me
  18. MitchZer0


    Only little baby scrublet minecraft fans wear diapers
  19. MitchZer0

    Soulcalibur V combos and tips thread.

    So wait, why can't we just go on Strategy wiki to get tips, is it because that site has no furry content? By the way, pressing down, then down forward, then forward, then punch will throw a projectile