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  1. salmy

    The Banning is Arbitrary and Random and this is why

    I posted this originally as a reply to the 'Clarification on Sonic/underage' topic, and was deleted because it was considered off-topic. Okay, but I suppose it's not off-topic for the 'site discussion' board, is it? :3 So here it is. Check the other thread to know what I mean: I'm sorry...
  2. salmy

    Question for FA's programmers

    Hey there :) I'm sorry if this is not the place to post this... on the 'tech' forums I didn't see any 'general' subforum, just those to report problems with the site and such, so if a mod knows of a better place for this post that I didn't see.. sorry for the trouble! I was asked to do a lil...
  3. salmy

    Question/situation regarding group accounts

    I read the announcement and I agree totally with that. I also dropped my 2cents in dragoneer's post asking for ideas about the groups, and now I have a question about their current situation: What are the acceptable rules for them? Is there any public guideline for them we have to follow? I...