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  1. ThatSnarkyDragon

    Any tips for a first-time suit maker?

    So, this is more of an unusual suit that I'm making, but I'm wondering - any tips? The suit is going to start out as just a head and maybe gloves. The head is a dragon with scaly skin - I'm planning to make a sort of balaklava out of that stretchy scaly fabric, then attack feathers or quills...
  2. ThatSnarkyDragon

    Lookin for some new webcomics/serials

    Hey guys! I want to follow more webcomics (or other web serials) but I'm unsure where to start. I don't really care for smut/sexual content or horror, and I do really like found family, character-driven stories, and LGBT themes. Beyond that, just send me cool/fun/interesting/aesthetically...
  3. ThatSnarkyDragon

    Commissions starting at $10, quick turnaround

    Hi there! I'm offering character commissions starting at $10. Info: FA Profile: Userpage of ThatSnarkyDragon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  4. ThatSnarkyDragon

    (shrek voice) hELLO THERE

    hi i've been on FA for a while not posting anything because i am extremely forgetful but started posting again recently so now i'm on the forums :) i'm Userpage of ThatSnarkyDragon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net