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  1. amtrack88

    Jerry Seinfeld and Microsoft

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SiBBi35zKY&feature=related Strange.
  2. amtrack88

    Southern California Earthquake

    So yeah, who felt it? It hit around 11:40 AM 7/29, I'm from the Los Angeles area. I was in the kitchen making lunch and I started to feel an odd waiver in the house, then it Hit. I got under the kitchen table instantly once I realized what was happening. The quake lasted for about 20 seconds...
  3. amtrack88

    Getting my Atari networked

    Hey guys, I need to get my Atari 5200 online. But I can't figure out what adapter or where the ports are! D: I weally need this online to play Pole Position Online! I already have an Atari Purple subscription. Help!! D:
  4. amtrack88

    Mars furs?

    Hey anyone near me on Mars. We should totally talk and hang out! It gets lonely out here. D:
  5. amtrack88

    Vintage Music, pre-1950?

    As an avid collector of 78 RPM records, I absolutely love Vintage Jazz (or Jass) and Swing from the 1910s, 20s, 30s and 40s. As well as some other genres from this time in the 20th century. I feel like this is such a lost golden era of music we've sort of forgotten about. To me a lot of the...
  6. amtrack88

    Moon furs around here?

    I'm starting to think I'm the only one up here guys. :(
  7. amtrack88

    Extreme interference on car head unit

    I would have to say this counts as a tech question. I have a '93 Acura Legend with it's stock audio system that recently has started to have problems with the AM band on the stereo. At many times, the audio just fizzes out and goes dead, reduced to just a light steady static. It appears to be...
  8. amtrack88

    Anyone else just collect a lot of junk?

    I do. I have an entire shed full of it. In all at the moment I have 11 computers, 6 monitors, a really heavy box of mixed PCI and ISA cards/boards/hard drives/memory/etc., a 50 pound box of cables and mice, bags and bags of IDE ribbons, aging game consoles, routers/modems/switches (some I use)...
  9. amtrack88

    Rap anyone?

    I guess Rap is one of the few categories most widely disliked in the furry community. >> But I do like some of it. Though my tastes in rap kinda ended in the late 90s. I really can't stand ganster rap talking about capping asses and 26 rims on Caddy's, but that's another story for another day...
  10. amtrack88

    FTP access denied

    I run a server with Apache and War FTP server. I seem to be having problems with accessing files via FTP. The server seems to give me Read access, but when I attempt to delete or write it denies me access with a 550 error. This happens anyplace I access the server, whether it be over the network...
  11. amtrack88

    Hello y'all!

    I'm pretty new here to the forums, though I have been at FA for some time now. ^^ I hope to get to know some of you. It looks like an awesome forum. My character is an Albino Ferret with black hair. I'm from the Los Angeles area. I've been in the furry fandom for just over a year now...