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  1. copperfur

    Pon Poni----High Quality $2 colored MLP Ponies & Fursona Art! Doing them now LIVE!->

    OVER! Thanks to everyone who commissioned me :)!
  2. copperfur

    TEMP Shop!- $2 CUTE sketch "Stickers" of your character or couple! <3

    TEMP Shop!- $3.50 Sketch "Stickers" of your character or couple! :OPEN again! Current: OPEN! Limited 4 slots! Only 3.50! Examples from last round: Example: Above Gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/copperfur Any Critter is Welcome! (I can do MLP style Ponies as...
  3. copperfur

    ------------>>>MLP 5$ Digital Ponies! Limited Time!

    More Here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8349163/ Please comment here or PM me via FA. Thanks everyone!
  4. copperfur

    PONY MADNESS! Get your sexy ponies <3 {Tasteful Nudity Inside}

    Example: https://t.facdn.net/8281383@400-1340760758.jpg (NSFW) I'm offering these for a limited time! Have an OC pony, want your fursona as a pony? Want a more adult image? Couple art? Just a sexy pin-up? I can do that to! I can do Anthro or regular show-style ponies, just Send me a PM and...
  5. copperfur

    LIMITED: Copperfur has 2 slots Open for High Quality Digital Paintings. +40$

    Prices start at $40+ (just character no background) 25+ for each additional character. Examples: Reclining Nude: NSFW- http://www.furaffinity.net/full/7472743/ And Reference Sheets: starting at 60$ + for high quality coloring, only 40+ for fursuit refs...
  6. copperfur

    LIMITED TIME, Ref Sheets and Adult Work Commissions OPEN (ONLY 3 SLOTS)

    Hey everyone! I need some money! (to be blunt) so I am once again offering my professional services as an artist. If you're interested, please comment or PM me. I will be using Paypal as payment method. Commissioners will get a small (75 dpi for internet posting) and large 2000 by 2000 (or...
  7. copperfur

    NEW! Fursuit Partial from preFur Mascots! Ready for your next event! Check it out!

    ^^^Click the Picture above to Bid! :D ------>Click Here to See this Suit in Action!<-------- If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below :) Thanks!
  8. copperfur

    ART BY Copperfur, 10$ FULL Body Flat Color. TONIGHT only :) INSTANT art.

    ART BY Copperfur, 15$ FULL Body Flat Color. INSTANT art. OPEN for 2 slots OPEN AGAIN! Thanks everyone! Please read my journal post here for more info: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2328237/ recently finished from yesterday http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5712501 (NSFW)...
  9. copperfur

    CHRISTMAS COMMISSIONS BY COPPER! :D! If you can think it I can draw it! ANY style! ;D

    Hey! Opening for 3 commissions in time for Christmas! I haven't taken art commissions in a long time, but with college out I have time, so grab a slot before I close again! Must be a min. of about 20 USD please, send me a PM for a quote! :D Mult. characters, OK, sexual stuff, OK, if you can...
  10. copperfur

    <<<----1 BUCK FOR A FU.....Pretty Lady! GET YOURSELF DRAWN AS A HOT CHICK.----->>>>>>

    ADULT--1 BUCK FOR A FU.....Pretty Lady! GET YOURSELF DRAWN AS A HOT CHICK BY A PRO!1$ CLOSED! Thanks everyone! :D Maybe tomorrow...maybe... I need to draw for fun (currently haven't been able to do things outside of classes and work) I'm going CRAZY. Must draw..... Help feed a starving...
  11. copperfur

    Looking for a professional fursuit maker to build for you, but can't afford it? LOOK!

    deleting double post. my internet is fritzy sorry everyone :)
  12. copperfur

    Looking for a professional fursuit maker to build for you, but can't afford it? LOOK!

    Whatever you preFur! Mascots is proud to offer this once in a lifetime deal-ie-o! A professionally made fursuit head for only 400+ U.S.D!!! So long story short, I'm coming up short for my college tuition and need one final commission to end the summer on :P This would be a NOW commission...
  13. copperfur

    TONIGHT ONLY! 1 $ Digitaly Colored ICONS, HEADS, whatever.... ONLY 1 $ 8D!!!

    Looks like we have another night! :D!!! I will have the rest of these slots open 8D! Thanks everyone :3! CURRENTLY: OPEN 8D SLOTS: 1. Taken Finished: 2. OPEN 3. OPEN 4.OPEN 5. OPEN 5 slots for now, comment here, leave your name, email, a link to your character ref, any facial expression...
  14. copperfur

    15+ B&W sketches from Copperfur, only 3 SLOTS! Get one while you can! ;D

    Doing simple B&W :P for 15$ you can get a basic black and white with very simple background ;3 (B&W can be tinted to any color you like :D) for 7$ more you can add a char. :D I like PayPal, please send payment to starionis@yahoo.com Comment here with ref and what you want :P (or you...
  15. copperfur

    15$ High Quality Digital Badges! JUST FOR NOW!! :)

    UPDATE: 1st of the batch! Grab a slot while you still can! ;3 Did these last time I had a little art spree :D ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 15$ will get you a 1000 by 1000 pixel 300 DPI image...
  16. copperfur

    Bored! :D $5 Will get you------->>>>

    closed for now MAN I'm bored D:!!!! I just wanna draw somthing at this point, Something like this! :D or for a little more this! :D Just post below with a link to your ref and send 5$ to starionis@yahoo.com via paypal and wait and see your art appear :D! Will only be doing this for a...
  17. copperfur

    1 slot up for grabs! :D CHEAP and GOOD QUALITY ;3

    I have a slot up for grabs, one of my commissioners decided to wait till June, so anyone looking for a CHEAP quality maker has lucked out ;3 my site- http://www.prefur.co.nr youtube videos of some heads I've done --- http://www.youtube.com/user/copperfur you can PM me here or email me...
  18. copperfur

    Let Whatever You PreFur make your character come to life! CHEAP :D!!!!!!

    We can make a fursuit partial of your character fast and cheaper then most other makers! If you're looking for a great maker at half the cost then give us a click :D! Our partials start at 680+ and heads themselves start at only 275+ !!! ANY creature is welcome for a free quote!!! Right now...
  19. copperfur

    Maker Website! Is my site easy to navigate and understand?

    I'm a newer Fursuit maker and I've been working on my site lately, trying to make it easy to navigate and understandable, however, the best way to know if it is such is to ask right? So if anyone wants to give me some feedback or some concerns the may have please let me know! I'd love some...
  20. copperfur

    Whatever You PreFur! FURSUIT PARTIALS STARTING AT $680+! ONLY 2 slots OPEN

    Ok, so I have NEW slots open for december, I have NOTHING to do except work on fursuits, how exciting! :D You can learn more by looking at my site http://www.prefur.co.nr EX)http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/3201/dsc00459ds9.th.jpg http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/7444/blox2kw2.th.jpg...