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  1. Sam Wamm

    People are serious stupid

    I saw a person on the internet arguing with a person who's a high ranking official in the FBI. This random troll on the internet was explaining how Mexicans are violent thugs to this FBI officer of Mexican decent and throwing everything at them. This was back in November and this troll became a...
  2. Sam Wamm

    One For The Herbivores

    just a thread for the herbivore furries to shout themselves out and discuss stuff. i always see a lot of carnivore species threads around here and i thought maybe they might want something for themselves.
  3. Sam Wamm

    Does anyone have any links to share OTHER than their social media outlets?

    You have a Discord or Youtube? that's great but this is not the topic for you. This is a thread for content not socials.
  4. Sam Wamm

    Anyone have any goat-themed webcomics to follow?

    Lockdown has given me way more free time than i anticipated and i've caught up with all the comics i'm following. Anyone have any comics with a goat character as an important role? at the moment i've got about 6 comics yet to go so i'm gonna run out by the end of the month. i have friends...
  5. Sam Wamm

    sorry what

    ever see a post so.. ... that you just don't know how to continue. yeah. this. you got any examples yourself?
  6. Sam Wamm


    might just be the most unpopular furry there is. https://www.furaffinity.net/search/?q=caecilian and most of these pics aren't even caecilians. literally the only thing i could find to do with anything caecilian online was this song. my friend has a caecilian oc and they're kinda annoyed...
  7. Sam Wamm

    Worm Representation

    You could argue that worms being an unpopular furry, especially here, means the fandom as a whole has no interest in representing or associating with worms, at least in the sense of treating them with any respect as a living creature in this land of sentient wildlife we have created from our...
  8. Sam Wamm

    Somebody on this forum is sending me viruses and trying to hack into my computer

    They're not very good at it but can someone help find the culprit for me.
  9. Sam Wamm

    Help Me Find An Obscure Furry Anime Movie

    I remembered an anime movie set in a world where all the people are anthropomorphs of different animals. For a little background this was shown on the Cartoon Network channel which i haven't watched in at least 10 years now. The plot is that 3 kids wanting to get into a soccer stadium to see a...
  10. Sam Wamm

    What say to birb friend? Help

  11. Sam Wamm

    The Recent Proof Of Zimmer's Conjecture Could Be The Secret To Unlocking Dark Matter Technology

    All matter without large outside influences shuffles itself into simple geometric structures. We've used the knowledge of geometry so far to enable us to invent complex lattices for various scientific purposes from building energy shielding for electrical devices, complex space telescopes...
  12. Sam Wamm

    Tritonomaly (partial blue-green color vision deficiency) is misunderstood and hard to research

    First an explanation as to what's going on here with your vision. Most color blindness affects the red or green receptors in your vision, triton type however affects blue. When red or green is affected it's easy to spot because not being able to tell red, yellow and green apart is gonna be...
  13. Sam Wamm

    Bird or Beverage

    post the name of a bird species or an alcoholic beverage. see if you can guess which it is. no asking search engines, social networks or fact websites, etc. after you guess correctly suggest your own. - i'll start. Bagobo Babbler
  14. Sam Wamm

    Streamers or Vloggers With Face Mapped Avatars

    just thought it would be neat to have a list of them. post people you know about or yourself if you do it too.
  15. Sam Wamm

    It's Cream the Rabbit's 18th Birthday. See you next year FA lol

    Cream made her debut in Sonic Advance 2 which was released today 18 years ago. That means it's 18 years since her creation. The character 18 years of age. Seeing the inevitable fanwork coming I plan to leave immediately for Nepal where i intend to live as a mountain goat.
  16. Sam Wamm

    Real life women who take the dominant role in a relationship, opinions on the trope?

    You know it's true there's no shortage of female characters that have a dominant role in a romantic relationship in media and I mean user created content as well as popular fiction, but the way they are depicted has me raising an eyebrow because it's either they need a man to 180 their...
  17. Sam Wamm

    Can't Find A Song

    i got this song i remember in my head but i can't find it. the first line of the chorus is "For what it's worth, I'm coming down to earth" and i am abolutely sure those are the exact words phrased carbon copy to the letter. however, google has failed me. it was an early 2000's pop song sung...
  18. Sam Wamm

    Christmas Song Title Alphabet

    Simple enough. First person suggests a Christmas song that's title begins with A, next user a Christmas song title that starts with B, then C, etc. Can be carols or published songs as long as it's the name the song is known under and you're not just picking a line from the song as a title...
  19. Sam Wamm


    permalink (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39474698/) So yeah i just wanted to kinda confess publicly on all my social media and explain something. For those that asked, yes she's a furry and you can blame me for that. Her oc is a shark.