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  1. nunyakibby

    Urgent help??

  2. nunyakibby

    (Base/YCH) Selling: 'Bottle o' Pride' Pride YCH! $20-$25

    So it's pride, I opened these YCHs because I thought "hey, why not have something fantasy-themed and cute this month?" So I thought of a potion! These begin at $25 and go up to $25 based on the complexity of the character! These are open to all genders and all species. I'm open to haggling...
  3. nunyakibby

    (Commission) Selling: Candy Gore Easter/Spring/420 themed YCHs!

    Hey so it's Easter (at least when I posted this haha) and I made some YCHs in a contest a few days ago, but now I'm leaving it up for sale for the rest of April and maybe a little bit into May! Full Body Fully Rendered/Shaded: $30 Cel-Shaded Half-Body: $25 Flat Color Half-body/Bust...
  4. nunyakibby

    Hiring: Looking for NSFW Stuff.

    So, I'm just trying to get familiar in the area to see which artists I like. I'm not going to hire immediately (because I'm not in a hurry really lele) but I do want to look to get an idea of what I'd like! Basic requirements: Must be okay with some kinks (nothing really extreme that exceeds...
  5. nunyakibby

    Urgent: Friend at Risk of Getting Kicked Out.

    I’m really unsure where to put this and forgive me for such an urgent post but, my friend has been struggling as of late due to being kicked out of their old home in NY. Bare with me for the long story. I offered to let them stay with my relatives in Baltimore, MD for a while but that is...
  6. nunyakibby

    I AM the Present [Christmas YCH]

    Dunno what to give your friend for Christmas? Why not wrap yourself and become the present? I made this as a joke originally but I decided to make it a YCH for people to have their OCs all wrapped up for Christmas. :3 this YCH is $5-$10 depending on the complexity of the character and any...
  7. nunyakibby

    randa's recent art dump

    yeehaw it's been quite a while since i've actually talked on here, so imma just drop some of my recent works that i've done <0/ put them in spoilers bc they were huge images-- beware, some are human and furry art :0 Here's some random OC art n whatnot, some are from comics I'm trying to...
  8. nunyakibby

    Multiple Sclerosis Thread

    So, I kinda hesitated on reaching out at first (trying to adjust to the disease and just coping), but do any other furs suffer from Multiple Sclerosis or know others with Multiple Sclerosis? I wanted to start reaching out and connecting with others who also suffer from it.
  9. nunyakibby

    A Question: what are people looking for nowadays?

    So, I'm wondering what people are interested in commissioning nowadays or what's "in" currently. Ofc, this can be helpful for other commission artists who are trying to look for what people are interested in currently. ;w;
  10. nunyakibby

    Need Practice... [SFW+NSFW]

    So, I'm currently moving away from Furry Amino (for personal reasons) so I need to re-establish myself elsewhere since I'm now on a bigger platform. One of the primary things I'd like to expand on is what I do with commissions, especially with NSFW, but I need a bit more experience since I've...
  11. nunyakibby

    Randa's comms dump

    Agh, I finally finished a bunch of commissions recently. I never really got to show them off so I'll show the ones I'm really proud of ^^
  12. nunyakibby

    hot shark dad (repost) | comm

    aaaaaa so I wanted to start on NSFW/Pinup commissions and my first customer for it was my friend, Hatred on furry amino im so proud of thisssss Also, reposted bc the image link broke
  13. nunyakibby

    ✨Randa's Toon Shop✨ | SFW + NSFW!

    Welcome to RANDALIEREN's ✨Toon Art Shop!✨ Art Style: Toon/Anime-Inspired Work Experience: 11 years of digital art experience, 5 years of selling experience. I'm able to draw just about anything from anthros, ferals, humans and humanoid creatures! I can also work off of a description with...
  14. nunyakibby

    2018 Redesigns

    So I have two sonas of mine-- Randalieren, my main sona and Oz De'Grace, my other sona that's more of a character-- that I absolutely adore and I just redesigned them both recently. i love them both ;w; (will give info about them if asked)
  15. nunyakibby

    y e e t

    ok, i'm not really new, but it's been like 5 million years since i've posted here. What's good my dudes, my name is Randalieren, but people call me Rand or Randa. I'm a college sophomore and a digital artist of 11 years~ Age: Unknown (18 going on 19) Species: Cat/Shapeshifting Demon/Incubus...
  16. nunyakibby

    Cartoon Anthro Art - Starting at $5! [SFW and NSFW]

    Hey, looking for some good, cartoony, cel-shaded or rendered art at a good price? Well, you came to the right place! I do just about any type of species, no matter how obscure. Just tell me exactly what you want and it's yours! I even do NSFW if you so please~ CHIBIS: $5 ICONS: $5 BUST: $10...
  17. nunyakibby

    Oz's Art Box Dump - Commissions

    So as of late I've done a lot of commissions and I have yet to post any so I might as well drop some of my works that I've done so far in the past month or so :3 That's it for now! <3 -Daddy Oz
  18. nunyakibby

    Some of My Art :3

    Heya, it's Oz, I just thought I'd share a bit of my art here and whatnot :3 Sorry for the massive spam ;w;
  19. nunyakibby

    Heya, I'm new (kinda) ^^

    Hi there, I'm Randalieren, otherwise known as Oz (or Daddy Oz). I'm not exactly new to furaffinity but I am a bit new to the forums. I'm 17, I love drawing and designing ocs, roleplaying with mine and others' ocs, and I like to get to know people. :3 My fursona is a panda named Oz De'Grace...